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Ancient Cities and Archaeological Hills, Ilam

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Dareh Shahr Ancient City, Dareh Shahr

The remains of the Sassanid city of Dareh Shahr are situated between new Dareh Shahr and the Bahman Abad Village. Presently, some vestiges of arches, ceilings, dome-shaped ceilings as well as indications of passages, alleys and urban connection network are visible in the texture of the ruins.

 Kaz Abad Hills, Shirvan-Chardavol

These large and small hills are located in Halilan Village northeast of the city. There are in eastern part of the large hill, vestiges of broken engraved jugs and carved stones with more than 3 thousand years of antiquity. There is a large graveyard in the north of this hill in which different types of graves and earthenware objects have been discovered. In this graveyard there are more women’s graves, within which are various ornaments like bracelets, belts and necklace with granular glasses and thick copper rings have been discovered.

Koozeh Garan Hill, Dareh Shahr

It is about 5.5 kilometers from Tikhan Hill, and is larger and older than it. Its antiquity dates back to the late 3rd millennium B.C., but its first floor relates to the Sassanid period. Some colored and engraved earthenware objects have been discovered in the basement of the building. Certain parts of lower floors had been allocated as a graveyard. The upper graves belong to the Zoroastrian period. It is said that this place was a pottery making vicinity so to speak.

 Majeen (Seimareh) Ancient City, Dareh Shahr

This ancient city is located in the Majeen Gorge and some vestiges of walls of the old city, buildings of the old city, palaces, and bazaars have been remained. Evidences such as appearance of buildings, materials used and scattered earthenware objects around it, reveal that it could probably be a Sassanid city. A long canal has been excavated in the gorge which extends from the second waterfall to the city.

Samera City, Dehloran

The ruins of this city are located in the banks of Cham Zangi River close to Bardi village. According to archaeological studies, its antiquity dates back to the pre-historic period. There are several historical vestiges including Sheyakh Castle.

Tikhan (Tiqan) Hill, Dareh Shahr

It is located among the agricultural lands in Jamshid Abad Village north east of Dareh Shahr. Some flint blades and carved stones have been discovered there as well.

Varkabood Hill, Ilam

This hill is located close to the Kashkan River 20 kilometers northwest of Ilam. Archaeologists have excavated a vertical hole in it and discovered several graves some of which have been covered with rubble stones irregularly. Big rubble stones had been used for the ceiling of the graves. Discovered vestiges in this hill are ferrous and admiralty metal objects. The antiquity of these objects dates back to 7th and 8th centuries B.C.

Other Ancient Cities and Archaeological Hills, Ilam

Other ancient cities and archaeological hills of the province are: Masbandan historical city in Sarabkalan village in Shirvan-Chardavol, Mehrjandoq city in Dareh Shahr, Alikosh hill in Musian, Sargachleh hill in Dareh Shahr, Kalak Musivand hill in Abadsigan plain, Qal'eh Zaynal in Cham Kalan, Qalehgol hill in Dareh Shahr, Deshkeleh hill (registered) in Jahan Abad village, Qal'eh Sekehsun hill in southwest of Dareh Shahr, Pamil hill in Dareh Shahr, Choqa Sabz hill in Khleseh, Farhad and Sikan hills in Dehloran, Musian hill in Dehloran, Mohammad Ja'far hill in Musian, and Ali Abad hill in the vicinity of the Mimeh River.

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