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Inscriptions, Fire Temples, Ilam

fire temple

Assyrian (Gol Gol) Inscription, Ilam

This inscription is carved on the wall of a mountain in Gol Gol Village 25 kilometers from Ilam. It is 3000 years old and on the inscription there is engrave of an Assyrian soldier with a helmet, holding an arrow, whit a moon and a star above his head. In the lower part of this inscription, there are some sentences in cuneiform script.

Takht-e-Khan Inscription, Ilam

This inscription is carved on a large stone in a place with the same name 34 kilometers far from Ilam. There is some information about the history and the governors of Ilam in this inscription.

 Vali Castle Inscription, Ilam

This inscription is in Vali Castle in the city of Ilam. Its date of Construction and the name of its architect are mentioned in the inscription.

Other Inscriptions, Ilam

Other inscriptions of the province are Tang Quchali Inscription and Zarrin Abad Inscription in the main square of the city of Mimeh.

Fire Temples

Dareh Shahr Fire Temple, Dareh Shahr

There is a fire-temple in the city of Dareh Shahr which is a four-arched building which is locally called Taaq. Originally the building was constructed by rubble stone and gypsum, and has recently been repaired.

Kooshk Qeinqar Fire Temple, Mehran

In the heights of the Pishmin Malekshahi Mountain in Mehran there are the remains of two towers and a fire-temple of the Sassanid period. The area of the fire-temple is 27 square meters and 5 meters high. Having four entrances, it is located in a vast olive garden with a spring and an eye-catching landscape.

Other Fire Temples, Ilam

Other fire-temples of the province are: Sikan Fire Temple (four-arched) in Sikan Village, Mehdi Abad Fire Temple (four-arched) in Mehdi Abad, Dareh Shahr, Sepa Fire Temple in Zarneh, Aivan, Maymeh Fire Temple in Zarrin Abad, a Two-storey Fire Temple in Chardavol region totally relative to the Sassanid period.

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