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Townships, Ilam



Located in the south of Ilam Province, Abdanan is 876 Kilometers from Tehran enjoying a mild mountainous climate. This area has abundant mines including oil, sulfur and alum. Due to plenty of water resources, there are rich forests, pastures and fertile lands. The vestiges of an ancient civilization are scattered all around the region including the ruins of historical cities like Goorgabran and Krodit. This township holds many promenades worth seeing.


Located in the north of Ilam Province this township is 761 kilometers from Tehran enjoying a mild mountainous climate. It is a new township of the province with high agriculture potentials and eye-catching natural beauties. There are considerable historical monuments.

Dareh Shahr

Dareh Shahr is located in southeastern Ilam 840 kilometers from Tehran enjoying a mild climate. It is situated in a relatively wide valley with many historical ascent and descents. Attacks of Arabs and Assyrians caused destruction of the city. Its forgotten and extinct fire-temple is still standing. Dareh Shahr may be the same city of Madakto the Ilamit capital. In the ancient time Ilamits were the governor of Lurestan Mountains and constructed several strong buildings. Dareh Shahr was the first Ilamit city attacked and destroyed by Assyrians in addition to the massacre of people. There are in Simareh Valley the remains of the Sassanid monuments; hence Dareh Shahr might have been a thriving city in the Sassanid and the Parthian periods.

In the ruins of Dareh Shahr, belonging to the Sassanid era, there are the vestiges of crosses, alleys and passages with a specific order of urban development criteria of that time. All the buildings of Dareh Shahr are constructed from abraded rubble stones and gypsum. Abundance of gypsum in Seimareh Valley from one hand, and simplicity of working with it have caused to making the best use of this material in the Sassanid architecture. The coins discovered in this area belong to Khosrow III and his successors. Holding vast fertile lands, different and rich water resources, rich pastures, dense forests, Dareh Shahr is one of important and ancient cities of Ilam Province.


Dehloran is located in the south of Ilam Province 910 kilometers from Tehran enjoying an arid and semi-arid climate. It is situated on the southern slope of Dinarkooh. In past, it was known as "the village of Lures". The remains of historical monuments and discovered vestiges indicate that the antiquity of the region dates back to the pre-historic and Sassanid periods. Dehloran has not developed due to water shortage. The city was severely damaged in the imposed Iraq war. But now it is reconstructed and is paid due attention. This area is known for its oil fields with a long history of exploitation.


Located 710 kilometers from Tehran, the city of Ilam is surrounded by heights covered with forests enjoying a mild mountainous climate with very pleasant springs. In the ancient time, Ilam was known as Arboojan. Then, Ilam was known as Hussein Abad till 1929, when it was reconstructed. Hussein Qoli Khan, the most powerful governor of Poshtkooh, constructed numerous different buildings in the city that was his and successors summer resident. Regarding its historical background, in 1946 it was named Ilam by the approval of Iranian Academy.

Presently, Ilam is the capital of the province and has developed considerably in recent years. Ilam is a very important city from the tourism point of view due to several natural, historical and cultural monuments.


Located in the south of Ilam Province, Mehran is at a distance of 791 kilometers from Tehran. Mehran has an arid and semi-arid climate. It is situated on the banks of Konjan Cham River close to the Iraq border. In the past Mehran was known as Mansour Abad but in 1930 it was named Mehran by the approval of Iranian Academy. In recent years Mehran was paid due attention and has developed. This city was occupied and severely damaged during imposed Iraq war and was reconstructed after the war.


This township is located in the northeast of Ilam 737 kilometers from Tehran enjoying a mild mountainous climate and it is one of historical places of Ilam Province. The old Shirvan was a city in the north of Seimareh of which many monuments are there. Among the ruins of the city there are many vestiges belonging to the Sassanid time. The ruins of Shirvan are the most perfect remains of a Sassanid city including strong houses with high walls made of stone. There is a huge building in the city known as Qasr-e-Anoushirvan (the palace of Anoushirvan). In 1983, according to the latest divisions of the country, it was changed to a township beginning its development.

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