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Beheshti, Martyr of the True Path (Part 2)

seyyed muhammad hussein beheshti

In 1341(1962) he decided to establish the Islamic center of students and educators which was a measure for linking between the educated people in the past and present methods. He was actively taking part in (1341-1342) (1962-1963) campaigns. And in collecting and composing the “statements “he was a great help .From 1342 he formed a searching group for surveying about the Islamic government and in the same year Savak (the controlling system for security at that time )made him leave Qom. He came to Tehran and in programming on preparing the textbooks was closely cooperating with Shahid (martyr) Bahonar, in the same year he was also cooperating with campaigning groups and coalition bodies.

Besides, he was participating in a 4-member council in the name of “divine law-political council” with help of Shaid (martyr) Motahari, Mr. Anvari and Mr. Molaee. In 1343(1963) with the proposal of Ayatollah Ha’eri and Ayatollah Milani he left for Hamburg and he began to manage and direct the mosque and formation of religious groups of the young and revealing Shah’s (the last king) crimes

 .At this time he traveled to Saudi Arabia (in Haj. time) Syria, Lebanon, Turkey to visit Imam Musa Sadr and in 1348 he traveled to Iraq to visit Imam Khomeini. In 1349 (1970) he returned to Iran and it was impossible for him to return to Germany. He started to teach in session for interpreting Qur’an and examined the textbooks and this process continued till 1355(1976). In 1359 (1971) he formed 50 sessions of interpreting of Qur’an on Saturdays which was called”the School of Qur’an” where was a place for gathering the active young people .In 1354(1975) due to the mentioned sessions and the relationships with the campaigning organizations inside and out side of Iran he was arrested by Savak and after a time he was released. From 1355(1976) and later he began to deal with formational tasks and in (1356) (1977) he was determined to form the broad formations being active in secret activities and also overtones for forming a party .In the same year due to the disagreements among the Islamic active groups in abroad (which there have been some conflicts) he traveled there and even to the United States and he paved the ground for establishing new relationships among the Islamic groups.

In 1357(1978) he was arrested for a couple of days and he was freed. After which he went to Imam Khomeini in Paris. After his return he played an effective role regarding determining the policy of the Islamic revolution .From Azar 1357(December 1978) according to Imam’s command he formed the revolution’s council and he was dealing with that till the victory of the revolution. After the revolution as an intellectual person in the revolution’s council he wanted to organize and arrange the affairs. Regarding this mentioned fact he founded the Islamic Republic Party. He took part in the election of Experts Assembly, and as a vice president of Majlis he dealt with managing the affairs, preparing and forming the Constitution. After resigning of the interim government in 1358(1979) he was doing his duty as a minister of justice. Then through the command of Imam he was chosen and appointed as the chairman of Supreme Court. He was busy with his duties till the evening of Tir, 7, 1360 (June 28, 1981) after Namaz –Maqrib (evening prayer) and Esha (night prayer) while giving lecture, he was martyred due to the explosion of a bomb planted by the members of Mojahedin’s Organization with 72 people from his colleagues and through the tears and sighs and sorrows of millions of Iranian people he was buried in Behesht-e Zahra Tomb. May his soul rest in peace.

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