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Beheshti, Martyr of the True Path (Part 1)

seyyed muhammad hussein beheshti

Shahid (the martyr) seyyed Muhammad Hussein Beheshti was born in Aban 2nd, 1307 (October 24th, 1928) in a district called Lomban in Isfahan (Chaharsouq district).He was born in a family whose members were familiar with Islamic values. His father was one of Isfahan’s clergies and prayer- leader of Lomban mosque who went to the village once a week in order to preach and solve the problems of people and establish the community prayers. He passed away in 1341(1962). His maternal grand father the late Haj Mir Mohammad Sadiq Modarres Khatunabadi, was one of the leading authorities on divine law. When Shahid (Martyr) Beheshti was just one year old, he passed away and Shahid Beheshti was deprived of his meeting, however; knowing about his grandfather’s manner later on affected Shahid Beheshti’s personality. With four years of age he entered traditional elementary school. He was so genius that he learned how to recite Qur’an and how to read and write in a very short time. After a while, having passed the entrance exam, he entered the primary school at the sixth grade but since he was not old enough to take part in that grade he was registered in fourth grade. Nevertheless he took part in the final exams and was granted the second best student title. Wishing to complete his studied, he entered the high school. In 1321(1942) he gave it up, since he was interested in the theological matters he entered the theological center. Although his home was in Isfahan for saving time, being independent while thinking and studying, since 1324(1945) he rented a room at Sadr school of Isfahan and he lived there.

During 1321 to 1325(1942- 1946) he could study the Arabic literature, logic, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), divine law & fundamentals and stole the attention of his professors to the extent that when they met him as if he reminded his maternal grand father to them.

In 1325 (1946) when he was 18 years old, he left for Qom to continue his studies and in 6month-time he studied the rest of subjects namely : Sath , Kefayeh and Makasib. In the same year, Allameh Tabatabee came to Qom and his classes and sessions attracted the active students like Shahid Beheshti who later on took part in his classes.In 1326 (1947) Dr. Beheshti with Shahid Motahari, and some of his friends prepared a schedule according to which they had to go to the most remote villages to preach Islamic values, by means of a little amount of expense which Ayatollah Boroujerdi gave to them to guide the villagers and inform each other about their ideas concerning planning for future activities. In 1327 (1948) he continued the normal high school education and he could get his literal diploma in final exams of late comers. Then he entered the college of Theology (at that time rational sciences)and in 1330(1951) he received his BA. During (1329-1330)(1950-1951) he was in Tehran and at the end of mentioned year he returned to Qom again and this time he officially started his teaching at Hakim Nezami high school as an English teacher. During (1329-1330)(1951-1956) he spent his life carrying out researches and philosophical matters .In Ordibehesht 1331(May 1952) he married one of his relatives whose result was 4 children (2 sons and 2 daughters). In 1333 (1956-1959) he was a student of Ph.D. of theological philosophy (and of course in 1353(1947) he defended his thesis called “the problems of Mabad ul Tabi’e in Qur’an”, under guidance of the Shahid Professor Morteza Motahari. During this time he was coming and going to Tehran and Qom. In 1338 (1959) he founded an English class at “Din and Danesh School” for theological students and in the same year along with the thought of the leading figures like Motahari, Taleqani…etc, he held the monthly speech sessions in Tehran on which the programmed lectures were held with the large number of the students and intellectuals as an audience.

From 1339(1960) the idea of organizing the theological center and arranging the syllabus of it for 17 years was in his mind whose result was foundation of “Haqqani” and” Montazeriyeh” schools.

To be continued ...

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