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Springs & Waterfalls, Fars

balangan (haji abad) mineral water spring, eqleed

Balangan (Haji Abad) Mineral Water Spring, Eqleed 

This spring with a very beautiful and attractive landscape is located in the Eqleed region. The abundance of many springs in this region provides suitable conditions for aquaculture activities specially the breeding of trout as well as being used as a recreational area.

Firooz Abad Thermal Spring, Firooz Abad 

This spring is located at 8 km distance in the Qeer-Khanj Road, in the Firooz Abad Township. It has sulphur-rich water with therapeutic value used for treatment of skin and rheumatoid diseases.

Joonjan (Jonoon) Mineral Water Spring, Darab 

At 20 km west of Darab city, there is a beautiful spring called Joonjan. This place is one of the recreational sites for the local inhabitants.

Khargan Mineral Water Spring, Shiraz 

This spring is located in a village with the same name 60 kilometers from Shiraz. This area has always received many visitors and tourists in different seasons.

Palangan Mineral Water Spring, Nayreez 

This spring is located in the National Garden of Nayreez, in a very deep and verdant valley. Considering the natural views with beautiful forests and green coverage, beside various springs, it is known to be one of the beautiful and natural areas of the province.

Qadamgah Mineral Water Spring, Eqleed 

This spring is located near the Sedeh Village of the Eqleed Township in an open plain with verdant trees. Presently, it irrigates the surrounding agricultural lands through a regulating pond. The local residents traditionally use this area as a promenade.

qadamgah mineral water spring, eqleed

Sarab Bahram Thermal Spring, Mamasani 

This spring is located near the Chenar Shahijan-Noor Abad Road. It has mineral water containing sulphur which is equally efficient in curing diseases.

Shesh Peer Mineral Water Spring, Sepeedan

Located 6 kilometers south of Sepeedan, this spring has favorable forest coverage with eye-catching landscapes.

Other springs, Fars

Other springs of the province which are mostly used as recreational areas are: The Chaou and Muhammad Rasool-Allah Spring in Eqleed; Sassan Spring in Kazeroon, Aboulmahdi Spring in Marvdasht, Rechi Spring in Shiraz, Bonab Qader Abad Spring in Marvdasht; Atashkadeh and Hanifaqan Springs in Firooz Abad, Tangab Spring in Shiraz - Firooz Abad Road; Osra Spring in Marzban Village; Baramhir, Task and Kanzard Springs in the Doshman Ziari region; Boraq, Sarab Siah, Ganjineh and Mordegan Springs in the Rostam Chashmeh region in Angir Village; Sarab Shir Spring in north Chenar Shahijan; Sarg Chineh Spring in the summer residing area with the same name; and Mill-e-Ejdeha Spring in the Bakesh region.


Dashtak Abraj Waterfall, Eqleed 

The Dashtak Abraj region is situated in the Eqleed Township. This place has eye-catching landscapes; the most attractive ones are the two magnificent waterfalls which are used as recreational sites.

Margoon Waterfall, Sepeedan 

Formed as a result of the Kamhar Watershed penetrating the rocky areas, the harmony of forest trees with unique topography of mountainous and river land regions have enhanced the landscape beauties of the Margoon Waterfall.

margoon waterfall, sepeedan

This area created an ecosystem that attracts domestic and international tourists along with research, education and recreational capabilities.

 Source: chnpress.com

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