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Imam Kadhim (A.S): the ornament of those who spend nights in prayer

 imam kadhim (a.s)
Part 4

[Muhammad bin Ismail reported on the authority of Muhammad bin al-Fadl, who said:]

The tradition concerning rubbing the two feet (mash al-rijlayn) in the ritual ablution (wudu") was a subject of dispute among our companions - whether (it should be done) from the toes to the ankles or from the ankles to the toes. Ali bin Yaqtin wrote to Abu al-Hassan Musa, peace be on him: "May I be your ransom, our companions are in dispute over rubbing the feet. If you would think fit to write to me in your own handwriting what my practice should be with regard to it, I would carry it out, God, the Exalted, willing."

Abu al-Hassan Musa, peace be on him, wrote back to him: "I have understood what you have mentioned about the dispute concerning ritual ablution. What I order you to do with regard to that is: you should rinse your mouth three times; you should sniff water into your nostrils three times; you should wash your face three times; you should rub between the interstices of the hair of your beard; you should wash your arms from the finger to the elbows; you should rub the whole of your head and the outside and inside of your ears; you should wash your feet up to the ankles three times. Do not transgress that for anything else."

When the letter came to Ali bin Yaqtin, he was surprised at the details he had given in it which were different from what the group had agreed upon. He said: "My master (mawla) knows better what he has said and I will obey his command."

He used to practice it in his ablution and was in conflict with the practice of all the Shi’a out of submission to the command of Abu al-Hassan, peace be on him.

Information was given to al-Rashid against "Ali bin Yaqtin and he was accused of being a Rafidite, who is opposed to (al-Rashid). Al- Rashid said to one of his close associates: "Much talk is coming to me about "Ali bin Yaqtin, and the suspicion of him being in opposition to me and being of Rafidite leanings. Yet I cannot see any deficiency in his service to me. I have examined him several times and have not been able to find any suspicious thing about him. I would like to examine his (position) without him being aware of it and thus being able to guard himself against me."

He was told: "Commander of the faithful, the Rafidites opposes the general view (jamaa) with regard to ritual ablution and reduces its form. They do not accept washing the feet. Therefore examine him-without his knowledge - on his practice in ritual ablution."

"Yes," he replied, "this method will reveal his views."

He left it for a while. Then when "Ali was away at his house doing some work, he came at the time for prayer. "Ali bin Yaqtin was alone in one of the rooms of the house in order to perform his ablution and prayer. Al-Rashid stood behind the wall where he could see "Ali bin Yaqtin without him seeing him. He (Ali) called for water for the ablution. He rinsed his mouth out three times; he sniffed water into his nostrils three times; he washed his face three times; he rubbed between the interstices of his beard; he washed his arms to the elbows three times; he rubbed his head and his ears; and he washed his feet three times.

Al-Rashid watched him. When he saw him do that, he could not contain himself from looking down on him from a position where (Ali) could see him and calling to him: "Ali bin Yaqtin, those who claim that you are one of the Rafidites are liars."

 imam kadhim (a.s)

Thus (Ali’s) situation with (al-Rashid) was restored. A letter came to him from Abu al-Hassan, peace be on him:

"Beginning from now "Ali bin Yaqtin, you will perform the ablution as God ordered it. Wash your face once as is mandatory and another time (as a voluntary act) within the ablution; similarly wash your arms from the elbows and rub the front of your head and the outer part of your feet with the remnants of the dampness from the ablutionary water (on your hands). What was feared for you has now been removed. Greetings."

By Sheikh al Mufid

Source: Book named al-Irshad

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