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  • 5/30/2011

Weight loss ups vit D in obese women

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Losing 15 percent of extra weight in obese or overweight older women may significantly increase the blood levels of fat-soluble vitamin D, a new study says.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center scientists studied 439 overweight-to-obese women aged between 50 and 75, and showed about 70 percent of them had less-than-optimal levels of vitamin D.

A relatively small increase in blood levels of vitamin D was reported in women who succeeded to lose between 5 and 10 percent of their body weight; as for those who managed to lose more than 15 percent of their weight, the increase in vitamin D levels was increased by three-fold, researchers wrote in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

"Since vitamin D is generally lower in persons with obesity, it is possible that low vitamin D could account, in part, for the link between obesity and diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes," said the lead author Caitlin Mason.

Moreover, vitamin D plays many important roles in the body such as promoting calcium absorption, preventing from osteoporosis, influencing cell growth and reducing inflammation.

"Determining whether weight loss helps change vitamin D status is important for understanding potential avenues for disease prevention," she added.

"It appears that the relationship between weight loss and blood vitamin D is not linear but goes up dramatically with more weight loss," said Anne McTiernan, director of the Hutchinson Center’s Prevention Center.

The greater weight loss is believed to be associated with more meaningful surge in vitamin D levels, she concluded.

Source: presstv.ir

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