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  • 1/14/2012

The Iraqi-Imposed War on Iran

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Duing the war we removed the deception veil from the faces of the


o During the war we came to the conclusion that we should stand up on our

      own feet.

o During the war we won't regret for our actions even for a moment. o We have fought to discharge a duty; results have been secondary.

o We have established our innocence during the war and proved the cruelty

      of the aggressors.

o We have exported our Revolution to the world during the war.

o This war, the economic boycotts and expulsion of foreign specialists, were

     divine gifts of which we were negligent.

o During the war we made firm the roots of our fruitful Islamic Revolution.

o Certainly defense is incumbent on every Muslim, every human being. By

      the command of God we defended ourselves and Islam.

o The war, while it was unpleasant and has devastated our towns, had the

      blessing of introducing Islam to the world.

o Our war made all leaders of the corrupt systems to feel humble before


o Ours was the war of poverty and opulence, of faith and wickedness, and it

     has been continuous from Adam ('a) to the end of time.

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