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A Christian, Fond of Imam Ali (A.S): Part 1

imam alli’s shrine

The house of George Jordac is located in Al-Hamra district. The Christian neighborhood in North West of Beirut. Beirut is a Showcase of different nations and religions. It’s interesting that a country of 1000 mc and 6 million people has registered 18 official religions. I was always thinking that what a Lebanese character is like? What characteristics from a Lebanese personality?

How can such a small country be so progressive in culture? What else but language does relate this country in which there is no sign of Arabs to other Arab countries?

George Jordac, the famous Lebanese author, is well- known to all advocates of Ali by his book, "Ali, The Voice of Human Justice".

The study of George Jordac on Ali’s life is not just a research about the life and characteristics of Imam Ali (A.S); it is the story of someone’s love to the soul of a great and superhuman character.

The author’s books have sold over 1,000,000 volumes in the shea world.

George Jordac’s house was situated in an old building in a-middle-class locality. Alhamra house was a flat of about 100 m, replete with newspapers, books and brochures.

 Regarding his birth, George Jordac says: "I was born in 1896 in Morjaoon village", located in south of Lebanon. A village which its inhabitants have the literature propensity just like other villages around it. In Lebanon to be from a village is a sign of loyalty. I’m from Morjaoon. Morjaoon consists of 2 words "Morj" and "oyoon" (springs), the place in which the springs come in to the land! Our village was full of springs and I had a happy childhood. I ran away from school every day and went to one of these springs. The school principal and teachers were always looking after me - the naughty, and always-running- child - and every day complained about me to my family. In my family, only my brother, Foad Jordac, supported me."

 Q.: The famous Foad Jordac?

G. J.: Yes, my older brother, Foad Jordac, was a poet and bibliophile, and very interested in reading. He attracted me to this way. Whenever my mother and father, teacher or school principal complained, he defended me and said to me "Out of school, you will learn more!"

The fact is that after perceiving my interest and hard working in reading literature, one day, he gave me a heavy book as a gift and said: "All literature of Arabs is summarized in this book…"

 Q.:  Nahjul-balagha?!

G. J.: Yes, I took Nahjul-balaghawith me and ran away from school and sat by a spring, while leaning on a rock, drowned in the sea of Nahjul-balagha.

Q.: So, this book made you know Imam Ali (A.S)?

G. J.: No! I was only fascinated by Imam Ali’s literary language and not his personality. Do not forget that we were Christians and lived in a Christian village; we were not so much interested in Imam Ali! Though, whenever we had some guests, my brother, Foad, recited some poems, praising the commander of Faithful (Imam Ali), and that helped me!

imam alli’s shrine

Q.: How could you become closer to the perfect personality of Imam Ali?

G. J.: When I entered university, I studied Arab literature and Arab’s philosophy and later I taught them.

Again in both of these fields, literature and philosophy, I found Ali (A.S) a great person.

I made up my mind to do a serious research on this character, from Eghad and Taha Husain to Shie’s scholars. I read whatever written about Imam Ali (A.S). Reading these books, I understood that all were discussed about his Walayah (Islamic jurisprudential guardianship), his rightness and otherwise, and his great personality has been lost in these arguments. They stick to the Caliphate issue to the cost of not perceiving Ali’s illuminate face.

They see Ali’s government ship but his humane character is neglected.

It did not satisfy. (It couldn’t quench my thirst knowing him.) So, I started studding his great and exceptional personality. I came back to the Morjaoon spring’s side and to my childhood’s Nahjol balaghe!

 I wrote all my books about Imam Ali in this way….

Source: Eco of Islam Magazine

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