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Aloe-vera is Called Adaptogen (Part 1)


Known as the "Miracle Plant", "Natural Healer" or the "Burn Plant" Aloe Vera because of its immense medicinal properties has been used around the world for the last 4000 years. It also called an ‘adaptogen’ because it adapts to the body’s needs.

Aloe vera contains numerous vitamins and minerals, enzymes, amino acids, natural sugars and agents which may be anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. The combination and balance of the plant’s ingredients are what purportedly gives it its healing properties.

Adopting aloe products into our daily nutrition habits is a great way to improve by a natural way, our health, our body’s regeneration and our beautiful appearance.

At the same time we acquire balance of mind and body and overal wellness. When we feel good, healthy, beautiful and overal regenerated --a healthy mind in healthy body--, we:

• Avoid frequent visits to the doctor

• Acquire positive energy and

• Our external appearance and image is improved. And all this is apparent in all looks.

The following are some health benefits of Aloe-vera:


Aloe vera is a great natural detox aid. With our stressful lives, the pollution around us and the junk foods we eat, we all need to detox now and again. Some more often than others! Taking aloe vera supplements provides a rich cocktail of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help our bodies deal with the everyday stresses of our lives.

Healthy Digestion

A healthy digestive system ensures we absorb as many of the nutrients from the foods we eat as possible. Since aloe vera has natural detoxing abilities, taking aloe vera can improve bowel regularity and increase protein absorption. It also helps to decrease the amount of unfriendly bacteria and yeast in our gut. Aloe vera has been shown to help reduce and soothe heartburn and other digestive problems.


Immune Support

Aloe vera is full of anti-oxidants – little powerhouses that fight free radicals within our body. Free radicals are the unstable compounds produced as by-products of metabolism. They’re thought to contribute to various illnesses and diseases as increasing the ageing process.

Taking aloe vera regularly gives the body a good supply of anti-oxidants, which boosts the immune system.

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