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  • 1/14/2012

The Arrogant and the Superpowers

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o We will surely destroy all the arrogant powers if we ever have the power

     to do so.

o World peace and security lies on the extinction of the arrogant. As long as

     these domineering and uncultured exist on earth, the downtrodden will not

     gain the inheritance that Almighty God has granted them.

o Of all the blows meted out on us by the big powers, we have to say that

      the blow to our personality is the worst.

o Today, the world political conditions are such that all counties are under

      the political supervision of the superpowers.

o All the troubles which the nations suffered are caused by the superpowers.

o The whole aim of these criminals is to gain power””power with which to

     crack down on anyone that stops in their path.

o It is incumbent on the intellectuals to reveal all the more the disgrace of

      the powers and superpowers.

o Let them know that the powerful, opportunistic countries whose ultimate

      aim is to dominate the Muslim and downtrodden countries will leave them

      alone and abandon them in times of trouble; that the word "faith" or

"fidelity" does not appear in their lexicons.

o Unite, for under the aegis of unity your victory will be certain.

o Rights are to be taken; arise and drive out the superpowers from the scene

      of history and life.

o The world powers must know that today is not like yesterday. Unlike the

      governments, the nations will not retreat from the arena with just one short

      tirade of intimidation.

o We have no fear of the superpowers. While we have no access to man-

      slaughtering weapons, our faith impels us not to be afraid.

o The aim is just one””the defeat of the superpowers.

o It is our duty to stand and oppose the superpowers, and we have the power

     to do so.

o We are so suspicious of the superpowers that if they speak the truth we

     think that they say so to deceive the people.

o Today, all the superpowers collectively oppose this nation in all its Islamic

      aspects. We must wake up and realize that their propaganda is more

      harmful to us than wars.

o The basic purpose of colonizing governments is to wipe out the Qur'an,

      the 'ulama' and Islam itself.

o That day is blissful to us in which the domination of the world-devourers

      over our oppressed nation and other downtrodden nations is smashed and

      all nations take their destinies in their own hands.

o The slap-in-the-face which the superpowers received from Iran, was

      matchless in all their lives.


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