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Imam Kadhim (A.S): The Ornament of those who Spend Nights in Prayer

imam kadhim (a.s)
Part 1

An Extract of the Proofs, Signs, Indications and Miracles which Abu al-Hasan Musa (presented):

[Abu al-Qasim Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Qulawayh informed me, on the authority of Muhammad bin Ya’qub al-Kulayni, on the authority of Muhammad bin Yahya, on the authority of Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Isa, on the authority of Abu Yahya al- Wasiti, on the authority of Hisham b. Salim, who said:]

I (i.e. Hisham bin Salim) and Muhammad bin Numan (known as) Sahib al-Taq were in Medina after the death of Abu Abd Allah, peace be on him. The people had agreed that Abd Allah bin Ja’far was the leader of the affair (sahib al-amr) after his father. We went to visit him and the people were with him. We questioned him about how much poor-tax (zakat) had to be paid.

"Five dirhams on two hundred dirhams," he answered.

"How much on a hundred dirhams?" we asked.

"Two and a half dirhams," he answered.

"By God, you are declaring the doctrine of the Murji’a," we said.

"By God," he retorted, "I do not know the doctrine of the Murji’a,."

We, Abu Ja’far al-Ahwal (i.e. Muhammad bin Numan) and I, left, are wandering without knowing where to go. We sat in one of the lanes in Medina weeping. We did not know where we should go or to whom we should turn. We spoke about (joining) the Murji’ites, the Qadarites, the Mu`tazilites, and the Zaydites. We were in this situation when I saw a venerable man whom I did not know. He indicated to me with his hand. I was afraid that he was one of the spies of (the Abbasid caliph) Abu Ja’far al-Mansur. There were spies in Medina for him (to find out) who the people agreed on to succeed Ja’far. Then that man (i.e. the Imam) would be captured and executed. I was afraid that that man was one of them.

"Go aside," I said to al-Ahwal, "I am afraid for myself. You be careful. He only wants me. He does not want you. Leave me, for you will lead (him) to yourself."

(Al-Ahwal) went some distance away from me and I went over to the venerable man. That was because I thought that I would not be able to escape from him. As I followed him, I was certain of my own death until he brought me to the door of Abu al-Hassan Musa, peace be on him. Then he left me and went away. There was a servant at the door. He said to me: "Come in, may God have mercy on you."

I went in. There was Abu al-Hassan Musa, peace be on him. He spoke to me before (I could speak): "To me, to me; not to the Murji"ites, nor to the Qadarites, nor to the Mutazilites, nor to the Zaydites."

"May I be your ransom," I replied, "your father has gone."

"Yes," he answered.

"He has left through death," I said.

"Yes," he retorted.

"Then who is in charge of the people after him?" I asked.

"If God wills, He will guide you to that man," he answered.

"May I be your ransom," I said, "your brother Abd Allah claims that he is the Imam after his father."

"Abd Allah intends that God should not be worshipped (properly)," he declared.

"May I be your ransom, who is in charge of us after him?" I asked (again).

"If God wills, He will guide you to that man," he repeated.

"May I be your ransom, are you him?" I questioned.

"I am not saying that," he replied.

I thought to myself that I had not used the correct method of questioning. So I said to him: "May I be your ransom, do you have an Imam over you?"

"No," he replied. Something came to me which only God knew with regard to honoring and showing respect (to Musa). So I said to him: "May I be your ransom, may I question you like I used to question your father?"

"Question," he said. "You will be informed but do not spread (the answer) around. For, if you do spread it around, then slaughter will take place."

imam kadhim (a.s)

I questioned him. Indeed he was like a sea (of knowledge) which could not be exhausted.

I said to him: "May I be your ransom, the Shia of your father is lost (without a leader). May I put this matter to them and summon them (to follow) you? For you have taken (a promise of) secrecy from me."

"Tell those of them whose righteousness you are familiar with," he said, "but take (a promise of) secrecy from them. For if it gets spread around, there will be slaughter," and he pointed to his neck with his hand.

I left him and met Abu Ja’far al-Ahwal.

"What happened to you?" he asked.

"Guidance, I said and I told him the story.

Then we met Zurara and Abu Basir. They went to him, listened to his words and questioned him. They asserted his Imamate. We met wave after wave of the people. Everyone who went to him, declared (his Imamate) except for the group of Ammar al-Sabati. Abd Allah persisted in his claim but only a few of the people came to him.

By Sheikh al Mufid

Source: al-islam.org

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