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The Designation of Imam Kadhim (A.S) for the Imamate by his Father (PBUH)

imam kadhim (a.s)
Part 3

[Muhammad bin Sinan reported on the authority of Ya’qub al- Sarraj), who said:]

I (i.e. Yaqub al-Sarraj) visited Abu "Abd Allah Ja’far, peace be on him. He was standing by the head of Abu al-Hassan, Musa, peace be on him, who was in the cradle. He began to play with him for a long time. I sat down until he had finished. Then I stood up before him. He told me: "Approach your master (mawla) and greet him."

I went near him and greeted him and he replied to me eloquently. Then he told me*: "Go and change the name of your daughter which you gave her yesterday. For, it is a name which God dislikes."

A daughter had been born to me and I had named her al-Humayra".

"Pay attention to the command which he gave you," Abu Abd Allah Ja’far, peace be on him, told me. So I changed her name.

[Ibn Miskan reported on the authority of Sulayman b. Khalid, who said:]

One day Abu Abd Allah Ja’far, peace be on him, called for Abu al-Hassan Musa while we were with him. He told us: "It is your duty (to follow) this man after me. By God, he is your leader after me."

[Al-Washsha" reported on the authority of Ali b. al-Hussein, on the authority of Safwan al-Jammal, who said:]"

I (i.e. Safwan; al-Jammal) asked Abu Abd Allah Ja’far, peace be on him, about the leader of this affair (sahib al-amr) (after him). He said: "The leader of this affair is one who does not fool and play."

Abu al-Hassan Musa, peace be on him, approached. He was still small. He had a calf (destined) for Mecca and was saying to it:

"Prostrate yourself to your Lord."

Abu Abd Allah Ja’far, peace be on him, took him by the hand and embraced him saying: "May I ransom with my father and mother (you) who do not fool and play."

[Yaqub bin Ja’far al-Jufi reported: Ishaq bin Ja’far al-Sadiq, peace be on him, told us:]

One day I (i.e. Ishaq) was with my father (Ja’far) when Ali bin Umar bin "Ali asked him: May I be your ransom, to whom shall we and the people turn after you?"

He answered: " "To the owner of two yellow clothes and two locks of hair. He, who is coming out of the door to you,"

We did not wait long before two (little) hands appeared pulling the two doors so that they opened. In before us came Abu Ibrahim Musa, peace be on him. He was still a boy and was wearing two yellow garments.

[Muhammad bin al-Walid reported: I heard Ali bin Ja’far bin Muhammad al-Sadiq, peace be on them, say:]

imam kadhim (a.s)

I (i.e. "Ali bin Ja’far) heard my father, Ja’far bin Muhammad, peace be on them, say to a group of his close associates and followers:

"Treat my son, Musa, peace be on him, with kindness. He is the most meritorious (afdhal) of my children and the one who will succeed after me. He is the one who will undertake (qa’im) my position. He is God’s proof (hujja) to all His creatures after me."

Ali bin Ja’far remained firmly loyal to his brother Musa, peace be on him, devoted to him, and enthusiastic in taking the outlines of religion from him. He has a famous (book) Masa’il (questions) in which he relates the answers he heard from (Musa), peace be on him.

The reports of what we have mentioned are too numerous to be explained and described fully.

By Sheikh al Mufid

Source: al-islam.org

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