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The Designation of Imam Kadhim (A.S) for the Imamate by his Father (PBUH)

imam kadhim (a.s)
Part 1

(This is) an account of the Imam who undertook (the office) (al-qa’im) after Abu Abd Allah Ja’far bin Muhammad, peace be on them, (describing) who gave birth to him and the date of his birth. (It includes) the evidence for his Imamate, the age he reached and the period of his succession (khilafa).

As we have mentioned before, the Imam after Abu Abd Allah Ja’far, peace be on him, was Abu al-Hassan Musa bin Ja’far the righteous worshipper (of God), peace be on him, because the qualities of outstanding merit and perfection were gathered in him, because of the designation (nass) by his father of the Imamate (being) for him, and his clear indication of it being his.

His birth took place at al-Abwa" in the year 128 A.H. (745/6). He, peace be on him, martyred in the prison of al-Sindi b. Shahik on the 6th of (the month of) Rajab in the year 183 A.H. (799). He was then fifty-five years of age. His mother was named Hamida Khatoon. The period of his succession and occupying the office of the Imamate after his father, peace be on them, was thirty-five years.

His kunyas were Abu-Ibrahim, Abu al-Hassan and Abu Ali; He is known as al-Abd al-Saleh (the pious worshipper of God) and also he is described as al-Kazim (the restrained), peace be on him.

The Designation (Nass) of (Imam Musa) for the Imamate by his Father, Peace be on them.

Among the shaykhs of the followers of Abu Abd Allah, peace be on him, his special group (khassa), his inner circle and the trustworthy righteous legal scholars, may God have mercy on them, who report the clear designation of the Imamate by Abu Abd Allah Ja’far peace be on him, for his son, Abu al- Hassan Musa, peace be on him, are:

imam kadhim (a.s)

al-Mufaddal b. Umar al-Jufi, Mu’adh b. Kathir, Abd al-Rahman b. al-Hajjaj, al-Fayd b. al-Mukhtar, Yaqub al-Sarraj, Sulayman b. Khalid, Safwan al-Jammal, and others whom it would make the book too long to mention.

(That designation) is also reported by his two brothers, Ishaq and Ali, sons of Ja’far, peace be on him. They were men of merit and piety and (therefore reliable witnesses) in so far as two such men did not differ on it.

[Musa al-Sayqal reported on the authority of al-Mufaddal b. Umar al-Jufi, may God have mercy on him, who said:]

I (i.e. al-Mufaddal b. Umar al-Jufi) was with Abu Abd Allah (Ja’far), peace be on him. Abu Ibrahim Musa, peace be on him, came in. He was still a boy. Abu Abd Allah Ja’far, peace be on him, said to him: "Indicate to those of your Companions whom you trust that the position of authority belongs to him Musa."

[Thubayt reported on the authority of Muadh b. Kathir, on the authority of Abu Abd Allah Ja’far:]

I (i.e. Muadh b. Kathir) said to (Ja’far): "I ask God, Who provided your father with you for this position, to provide you with one of your offspring for the same position before your death."

"God has done that," he answered.

"May I be your ransom, who is it?" I asked.

He indicated al-Abd al-Saleh (the pious worshipper of God) (i.e. Musa) to me. He was asleep.

"This one who is sleeping," he said. He was at that time a boy.

By Sheikh al Mufid

Source: al-islam.org

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