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The Slate and Statesmen

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o The misery or happiness of nations depends on certain issues of which the

     competency of the ruling body is a major one.

o Administration and government in the hands of individuals is not means

for boasting oi superiori'.;.. and cannot be abused for personal gain or

transgression on the igh*i'      * -iv* nation.

o The sore and statesmen are servants of the nation and not its masters. o Governments are the people's servants.

o Islam does not have "government" in the real sense; it uses the appellation

      of service.

o Gratitude for this blessing consists of considering the people as major

     partners (in the government). In this government, "government" does not

     exist; we must all be servants.

o Islam wants the governments to be the servants of the nations.

In Islam the term huditd [limits] applies to punishments decreed for commission of certain sins. The limit of these punishments is entirely determined by the judge. [Fidl


o Governments are minorities that must be at the service of this nation but

      they do not realize that the government must serve the nation, and not rule

      over it.

o We must find out what the nation, which has appointed us to these

      positions, expects of us and what we are supposed to do for it.

o Let all consider identifying "servicemen", servants to the country and

      Islam; not servants unto themselves.

o The greater the value of an act, the heavier its responsibility is.

o   The government must, with all its power, sympathize with the deprived

people the way 'AIT ('a) used to.

o Service to mankind is service to God.

o   The dignity and honor of all of us consist of rendering service to God's


o   I advise future Interior Ministers in all periods to exercise great care in the

selection of (provincial) governors so that competent, faithful, dedicated, and wise persons with ability to get along with the people, are appointed and thus internal peace be maintained as much as possible.

o   You need the support of the nation. Victory was gained by the support of

the people especially the deprived classes, and the tyrannical rule of monarchy was terminated and the hands of arrogance were removed from the country and its treasures. If someday you lose this support, you will be brushed aside and cruel ruffians, as in the days of monarchy, will replace you.

O   1 emphatically ask government authorities to help one another and together

solve the country's problems in a brotherly fashion.

o   Trustworthiness is a prerequisite qualification for inspectors.

o If someone who regards himself a capable administrator of public affairs

      and worthy servant of the people shuns service at this time, he is turning

      his back unto mankind and the Creator.

o If a position is offered for which one is not qualified, he must not accept it

      but if he is qualified, he must not decline.

o Let all people, all men. support the Islamic Republic so that it can institute


o Avoid haste in selecting colleagues, in making decisions especially in

     important matters.

o   Weakening any person or group which, today, is busy giving services, is

helping the enemies of Islam.

o   If due to your poor management and weakness of thought and action

harm, or losses are incurred on, Islam and the Muslims, and you, knowingly, continue in that position, you'll be committing a cardinal sin for which the "great pains" comes to you.

o   A corrupt ruling clique, those who have the destinies of a country in their

hands, corrupts the country.

o   It may happen that useful, progressive laws are enacted by the legislature,

seconded by the Guardianship Council and communicated by related Minister to concerned unit for reinforcement but such laws are metamorphosed in the hands of incompetent enforcement elements.

o   Do not think that as government anything we put forward should be

accepted by the nation, whether to its interest or opposed to it.

o   If the people's disappointment with the Islamic government explodes,

nothing can control it.

o Every citizen is entitled to directly interpellate and criticize Muslim

      authorities in front of others. Persons so questioned should give

      satisfactory  replies;  otherwise,  if the questioned  individual  has  acted

contrary to his Islamic duties, he shall automatically be removed from his position of authority.

o O states! The conquest of countries is not important; what is important is

      the conquest of hearts!

o Be just in your word and action; reduce formalities but serve the nation!

o Those with power must observe humanitarian and Islamic aspects more

      than others.

o The best way to express thanks for a blessing is to talk less but do more.

o If the nation wants its victory to reach its ultimate stage which is ihe ideal

     for all, it must guard the statesmen, Majlis delegates and government

     authorities against moving from the middle to the affluent classes.

o The day the nation sees any of you trying to roll over to the affluent

     groups or is acting to accumulate power and wealth, the nation should

     prevent such things and put such individuals back in their places.

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