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The Guardianship Council

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o 1 agree with the Guardianship Council' cent percent as an institution, and I

      believe that it should be strong and permanent.

o I must say that 1 selected the fuqaha members of the Guardianship Council

      with due knowledge and recognition, and I say it is necessary that their

      status be respected and maintained.

o   The honorable Guardianship Council, which safeguards the sacred Islamic

decrees and the Constitution, is sanctioned by me. Their duty is highly important and sacred. They should decisively carry out their duties.

o   Weakening and insulting the fuqaha of the Guardianship Council is

dangerous for Islam and the country.

o        remind the Guardianship Council to be firm in its work and act

decisively and carefully and have trust in God. 1 recommend and demand that the honorable Guardianship Council, in the present and future generations, to perform their Islamic and national duties with utmost care and authority; not to be influenced by any power; to firmly reject laws that contradict the religion and the Constitution without any undue consideration and be attentive to the exigencies of the country necessitating the enforcement of decrees by secondary rules and by the action of the Jurist-Guardian.

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