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Intl. Islamic Resistance Poetry Festival to be held in Iran in November

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TEHRAN -- Iran will host the 2nd International Islamic Resistance Poetry Festival from November 2 to 4, 2011.

Developing a literary and academic approach toward the Islamic resistance poetry, the festival aims to introduce poems that imply the history of resistance endured by the Islamic nations, the secretary of the festival Behruz Esbati told the Persian service of ISNA.

He said that the recognition of the crucial elements in resistance poetry as well as holding meetings on resistance literature should considerably enhance this literary genre.

Like other kinds of poetry, resistance poetry contains all poetical elements however its commitment to the social events happening around the poet distinguished it from other kinds of poetry, he said.

He described resistance poetry as dynamic, effective and exciting which stimulates readers, causing them to pay attention to tyrannies and injustices.

Three Iranian provinces Eastern Azerbaijan, Bushehr and Hamedan are the potential locations for holding the festival.

Source: tehrantimes.com

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