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Ayyamullah [Days of Allah]

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o The 15th of Khordad is the starting date of the Islamic movement.

o The 15th of Khordad incident charged the ruling class with great shame; it

     is an unforgettable incident.

o The events of Khordad 15 and Dey 191 must be kept alive so that

bloodsheds of 'he Shah shall be not forgotten and future generations learn

about the crime . of She monarchs.

o I declare the      15th of Khordad a permanent day of general mourning.

o The uprising on the 15th of Khordad broke the myth of the might of the

     monarchs and cancelled the "charms" and tales related to them.

o The first and most important chapter of the bloody struggle was concluded

      by the 15th of Khordad 'Ashura (bloodshed).

o On the 15th day of Khordad the noble nation of Iran must give thanks for

      the infinite blessings of God.

o The victory on the 22nd of Bahman 1357 AHS (February 11.1978) was

the outcome of the 15th of Khordad movement.

o The 17th day of ShahrTvar1 is one of the Days of Allah.

o The anniversary of the        17th of ShahrTvar which relates the inhuman and

anti-Islamic crimes of the monarchy and is one of the Days of Allah, and which demonstrates the bravery, solidarity and resistance of the nation to the criminals and oppressors, shall always be remembered and observed by the combatant Iranian nation.

o The bitter memory of ShahrTvar 17. 1357 AHS and the bitter memories of

     the great days of the nation yielded the sweet fruit of the destruction of the

     palaces of tyranny and arrogance, and the hoisting of the Islamic

Republic's banner of justice.

o The 17th ShahrTvar is one of the Days of Allah that the memory of the

      Iranian nation keeps alive.

o On behalf of His Holiness the Master of the Age, the Imam of the Time

      {'a), I offer condolences, and at the same time, congratulations to all

      Muslims of the world especially the survivors and families of those who

fell on that date””the 4th of Shawwal 1398 AH (17th ShahrTvar).

o By God, my Mustafa1 is not only he whose death anniversary is near:

     rather, all those who gave their blood in the Shawwal incident2 are to me

     like my own Mustafa.

o Aban 13 is the day when the barbaric assault on the university by agents

      of the sinister regime and massacre of our dear students took place.

o The nation that proudly and successfully experienced and left behind the

      day of blood (tlv 15th of Khordad), the day marking the triumph of blood

      (the 17 of ShahrTvar) and Black Friday (the regime's doom), does not fear

these economic and military blockades. Those who fear these things are

the ones for whom economy is the infrastructure, belly the locus of attention, and this world the destination and purpose.

o   Greetings to 'Ashura, greetings to the 15th of Khordad and to the 22nd of

Bahman, and greetings to the Days of Allah and the noble nation of Iran!

o   Greetings to the Day of Allah of Bahman 221 and to those who produced

such a day!

o    Bahman 22 should be a model and lesson to us during our entire lives and

for the future generations; all should preserve and observe Bahman 22 for it is the day in which faith overwhelmed kufr, God destroyed the tyrant and Islam triumphed over kufr.

o   Bahman 22 was the day that the army and the nation united; the day that

the army returned to Allah from the taghut and by reciting "Allahu akbar" and with the support of the ummah, triumphed over the taghut, and this must be our lesson in our entire lives.

o   Bahman 22 proved that a united nation with a divine purpose, not purely

material, all having a single voice and purpose, cannot be defeated and all witnessed the victory of such a nation.

o 0 God! Thou hast favored us and on such a day as Bahman 22, Thou hast

      made us triumphant over Thy enemy and took the hand of this oppressed

      nation from the verge of fall and hell to the pinnacle of Your mercy!

o ShahrTvar 17 is the repetition of "Ashura; the Meydan-e Shuhada [Martyrs*

      Square]" is the repetition of Karbala'; our martyrs are the replicas of the

      martyrs in Karbala' and the opponents of our nation are the facsimiles of

YazTd"1 and his agents.

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