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Little Greed


hasmukh amathalal


We fall victim to little greed

We intend not to obey or heed

Land ears to wrong feeds

Result can openly be read

No one has come out of it

It is one of the strongest cases and seems to be fit

We need to constrain little and be watchful

Else whole of the rest life may be spent as remorseful

I gather the incidence from the past

How powerful and great saint had sunk very fast

He had spent years together in meditation

But he was overcome with sex relation

Temptation can be in any form

Money. Woman or land can leave you full torn

No one has resisted it successfully

We know the consequences fully

You may loose peace of mind

Some of the works you may have to perform as blind

No relation or bond may affect your thinking

This is enough reason for your sinking

You may involve in dangerous game

It won’t hurt your pride for any kind of shame

You may want it at any cost with whatever result

This may have affected your sense with insult

It will never end even after realization

You may go on adding it with obligation

Time may come when you may fail at all the fronts

Even your own people may abuse you and confront

You may loose your temper

You body may be shivering with anger

You may not be able to eat even in hunger

You may curse yourself for the greatest blunder

Such things do happen

We must be cautious even

No one has escaped such dragnet

Let the sand settle down and set

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