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Let Us Visit Children"s Exhibition


kp. shashidharan


"Money may come

And money may go

We too will go

It is once in a lifetime

Let us visit the children"s exhibition too";

Babe, you whispered

After enjoying

A few galleries of our Mother!

The children made great wonders

Stupendous all over the world

But not so enduring in comparison

With those of the great Mother!

Hundreds of manmade wonders

Ancient, medieval and modern

What to see and what not to see

Where to begin and when to begin!

We began

Before the icon of love `

The Taj Mahal we bathing in moonlight

She smiled

Suspending our dream in the horizon

Bringing music, songs

Rhythm and dance

Enlivening our six senses

In the splendour of love!

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