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2011 No.10 Antivirus:

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus +


Publisher: Trend Micro

Version: Antivirus +

Pros: Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + features cloud security for real-time protection and updates.

Cons: The software has fallen behind a bit, and is still missing a handful of nice features and tools that you can find elsewhere.

The Verdict: Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + offers good protection, but the software still has a ways to go to catch up with the competition.


Trend Micro Titanium Review

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + (formerly PC-cillin) is another great antivirus software, combining good security with simple usability. The software is well equipped to protect your computer from a number of threats, and has made several improvements this year. The most noteworthy new feature is the addition of cloud-based security, specifically designed to improve detection and resource usage. By running most of the security processes online, Trend Micro Titanium antivirus software detects threats before they make their way to your computer. Furthermore, since most of it is hosted online, you don’t have to waste your hard drive space to store it yourself.

Unfortunately, while Trend Micro’s newest antivirus software is better, it still isn’t up to par with the competition. Their foray into the cloud is impressive, but not innovative when compared with the several other security companies that did so a year (or more) ago.


Scope of Protection: 

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + provides a good deal of protection for your desktop PC, including care-free protection from viruses and spyware as well as keyloggers, hackers, OS exploits, dialers, malicious cookies and scripts, Trojan horses, rootkits, and worms. The software isn’t as comprehensive as other multi-layered antivirus software products, but is adequate in scope and level of protection.



Trend Micro is an effective antivirus solution, combining traditional signature-based security with real-time protection. The new cloud-based antivirus element improves the level of protection and overall potency.

The software has been tested, approved and certified by the West Coast Labs as an effective solution for antivirus, antispyware and anti-Trojan.


Ease of Installation: 

Installing Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + is straightforward and easy, only taking a minute or so. The program is designed to work effectively and efficiently, and for the most part it does. One benefit of the integrated cloud security is that it helps keep the software lean and quick. Because several of the processes are performed online in the cloud, the software doesn’t require as much of your PC’s resources.


Ease of Use: 

This antivirus software is remarkably easy to use thanks to the straightforward interface. Some users will find the interface to be pretty bare-bones. To their credit, however, Trend Micro is designed to be installed and forgotten about, keeping users safe in the background. The main console is very direct and provides your current security level at-a-glance and quick access to run scans or tweak settings. The software is designed to scan for threats in real time, but you can always perform a manual scan directly from the software. You can choose from a quick scan, a full in-depth (longer) scan or create your own custom scan.



Trend Micro clearly focused on speed and not on adding new tools or features this year. It isn’t missing any truly essential antivirus software features, but is seriously lacking in some of the advanced tools that have been implemented by competitors. We would like to see a laptop battery saving mode and gamer mode added, as well as the option to create a bootable rescue disk.

Though not technically a dedicated part of the antivirus software, TrendProtect is a free feature worth mentioning. TrendProtect is a browser plug-in tool that gives you warnings and security ratings while you use search engines (similar to McAfee LinkScanner or Norton Safe Web). This utility is a great tool for proactively protecting you while you surf the web.



With new threats and variations being created every minute, updating virus definitions every hour just isn’t enough. Titanium Antivirus + takes advantage of cloud security to provide realtime protection without the need to constantly update. More than just making the software more secure, it also makes the upkeep pretty much automatic.


Help & Support: 

Trend Micro has a good mix of help and support options online, including general customer service and technical support. They host a searchable knowledge base, or you can look for help in the discussion board. Personalized assistance is available by submitting a case online or getting in contact directly over the phone or even live chat. Premium support is available (for a fee) for such issues as PC tune-up, malware removal or emergencies.



Overall, Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus + is good, but not great antivirus software. The addition of cloud security definitely enhances the product, but the competition still has more to offer. The level of protection is compelling, but we’d like to see Trend Micro get on board with some additional features. For now, the software is fine, but we recommend looking at alternative antivirus solutions to find a few superior products.

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