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Protected Zones & Rivers, Fars


Bamoo National Garden, Shiraz 

With an area of 48,075 ha, it is located to the north of Shiraz. The climate is dry and warm (Mediterranean). This national park has many species of flora and fauna that are internationally known. 

Basiran Hunting Prohibited Zone, Abadeh 

Situated 4 km. south of Abadeh, it has many unique species of plants and animals.

Lar Protected Zone, Larestan 

Situated at the common limits between the Fars and Hormozgan provinces, it has an area of 151,284 ha. Particularly attractive to researchers and tourists, it has its own characteristic wildlife, which are adaptive to hot-dry regions.

Toot-e-Siyah Hunting Prohibited Zone, Bovanat Region 

Located at the end of Bovanat, it is about 20 thousand km. and has a variety of flora and fauna.


 Aqaj River, Shiraz 

This river originates from the Tabesk Mount in the Doshman Ziari Village. After passing through a valley in northwest of Shiraz, it leaves the Mamasani region at the vicinity of Chehel Cheshmeh. The Aqaj River after crossing many farms enters the Persian Gulf via the Roodmand in the Bushehr Province.

Fahliyan River, Mamasani 

This river is formed by the adjoining of the "Shesh Peer" and "Rood Peer" Rivers and after passing the Qaleh Sefid Mount, enters the Fahlian Plain. This river irrigates a vast area of the region crosses a deep valley called the "Tang-e-Abjan" and in a region named Bardangan, joins the Katikoor River. It finally flows to south and creates the natural border between Mamasani and Gachsaran.The course of this river is one of the most attractive landscapes of the region and its banks are used as recreational areas.

Korr River, Eqleed

The Korr River originates from the mountains of Seyed Muhammad and Palangeri in the Eqleed Township. After receiving several water springs, under the name of the Dezdkor River it finally enters Marvdasht via the Tang-e-Boraq region. Another branch of the Korr River called the Margan River, after receiving a salty branch from Kharestan called Gavgodar, joins the Dezdkor River and passing through the Doroudzan Dam finally enters the Ramjerd plains.

Margan River, Sepeedan 

Originating from the Ranj Mountains in Sepeedan, this river is one of the branches of the Korr River. After joining with few branches near the city of Sepeedan, it forms the Korr River again.


The waterfall of this river is one of the most famous ones in Iran and the world. 

Shadkam River, Eqleed 

The river which was known as Saryatan River in the past, originates from a spring with the same name which is placed in Mount Almalicheh. After irrigating the Namadan plains, it joins the Kaftar River. The Shadkam River flows in the vicinity to the Eqleed Township and its river banks, and is considered as a valuable tourist attraction site. 

Shoor River, Lar 

This river is formed by the joining of some streams, which originate from the mountains of Siah, Malektir and Jam. The Shoor River leaves the Lar Township after absorbing the water of Lar and Ali Abad plains and receiving a few other springs.

Other Rivers, Fars 

Other rivers of the province are: Tangshiv, Roodsheer and Pirab Rivers in Mamasani, Shesh Peer and Choubkhaleh Rivers in Sepeedan, Qara Aqaj River in Marvdasht, Bashar River in Ardakan, Sivand and Shoor Rivers in Jahrom and Mehran Shoor River.

Source: chnpress.com

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