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Each Angles has a Specific Mission


An-Naziat (The life Grabbers)

This surah was revealed in Mecca and has 46 verses. Naziat are the angles who drag the souls (of the sinners) out forcefully. The title has been taken from its first verse.

Each Angles has a Specific Mission

Angles are the intermediaries between Allah and the material world, and each has a specific mission and is obedient to the One God in carrying out its task. Some are appointed to bring down the revelations, some are delegated to help the believers, and some have the duty of seeking forgiveness for people, and etc. The Beneficent God warns us that all the creatures on the Earth and in the heavens are going to die by a devastating quake, except for those whom the God wishes otherwise. Then there comes another rumbling, by which all the dead rise up and await reckoning. And for more emphasis, He swears by five groups of angels:

• The angles appointed to take the lives of the atheists forcefully and violently;

• The angles appointed to tenderly take the lives of the believers;

• The angles who rapidly carry out Allah’s orders;

• The angles who precede each other in carrying out their missions; and

• The angels who regulate the world’s affair by Allah’s order.

We read in Qur’an:

In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

By the angles who grab away the souls forcefully, and by the angles who console the spirits tenderly, and by the angles who come floating down, and by the angles who precede one another, and by the angles who plan and regulate the affairs; that one day, the shaky (Earth) rumbles, and another rumble follows it.

Source: The Book name Acquaintance with The Glorious Qur’an

By Farzneh zanbaqi

Translated by G.H. Arabi

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