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Tebyan’s support of oppressed people of Bahrain


Tebyan institute as the biggest Cultural, Informative and religious Iranian website along with its users condemned these Atrocities committed by Bahraini and Saudi Occupying Security forces and extended his sympathy with the families of those killed in crackdowns in Bahrain.

In this message we declare our support in solidarity with people of Bahrain and you can register your worldwide support too here.

To: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Mon

In the Name of God

The honorable UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Mon,

‏You must be quite aware that violation of human rights by any individual or group is condemned and deplored since in addition to the denial of people’s rights and sense of security it leads to the disregard and disrespect to the implementation of these rights. Moreover, silence and indifference to this desecration will bring about humiliation before God, nations, and history.

‏The ruthless massacres of civilians and citizens particularly helpless women and children in Bahrain are against the principal rights to live, have freedom of speech and choose the destiny which are among the most fundamental human rights in all international treaties and conventions as asserted upon in the global announcements of the ‏Human Rights Watch and international conventions.

‏What is currently happening in these countries is clear evidence of noncompliance with human rights that can be found under different criminal definitions in the Geneva conventions Headquarters.

‏This grave violation of human rights and the plunder of human lives and freedom requires serious and immediate attention of the UN and the entire international body as they might face such conditions someday. What will then be their defense?

‏It is extremely clear that the pride or disgrace of the whole global resolutions at this time in human history and esp. During your post as UN Sec. Gen. will be registered in the records under your name.

‏As supporters of freedom ,we call upon freedom advocates in the whole world to support the most primary human rights and ask you as UN Sec. Gen. being the chief observer for the deployment of international human rights resolutions and conventions.

‏Having such a critical and decisive responsibility, we insist on you to follow up and implement the following:

‏1- Quick and firm interference for the immediate and unconditional end of such coldblooded killings.

‏2- Expulsion of interfering foreign military and non-military troops from the above mentioned countries.

‏3- Facilitation of appropriate overtures and conditions to hand over the destiny of these countries to their own people.

‏We hope that the United Nations stays a supporter of oppressed countries suffering from the cruelty of the dictators and autocrats.

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