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'US accountable for dictators' crimes'

iran’s ambassador to syria seyyed ahmad mousavi

Iran’s ambassador to Syria has condemned the US support of dictatorial rulers in the Middle East, saying Washington should be held accountable for the dictators' crimes.

The US has a black record in connection with the developments in the region; IRNA quoted Seyyed Ahmad Mousavi as saying on Wednesday.

The US, which has always been supporting autocratic and oppressive rulers, should be asked why it has backed the now ousted Egyptian regime for 30 years, urged the presidential advisor in Palestinian affairs.

“At the present juncture, the US, the West and some Arab countries, which have joined hands to realize Arab-Israel normalization, when they faced repeated failure due to Syria and Iran cooperation, they acted to create unrest in Syria,” Mousavi stated.

The Iranian diplomat noted Syria’s pro-Palestinian stance and the support by countries such as Tunisia and Egypt for this policy.

“Today the US and the West, fearing the convergence of other countries to this [pro-Palestinian] policy, have been trying to undermine Syria and force Damascus to backtrack on its stance regarding the issue of Palestine,” he added.

Mousavi further said of a second scenario pursued in the region and attempts aimed at dividing Iran, Syria and anti-Israeli resistance movements.

“The West is making efforts to force out Palestinian leaders from Syria to pave the way for the recognition of the Zionist regime [of Israel] by Damascus,” he pointed out.

Mousavi also described the enemies' calls for reforms in Syria as a mere excuse, noting that the process of change started in Syria when President Bashar al-Assad took power in 2000.

“Corruption, unemployment and similar problems exist in Syria and in other countries, which require reforms, and hopefully in Syria these reforms have already started,” the Iranian ambassador added.

Source: presstv.ir

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