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Most kids can unbuckle car seats: Study

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Many toddlers, some as young as one year old, can unbuckle themselves while on board a car, which could mean that many kids remain unbuckled when the vehicle is in motion.

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine surveyed 378 parents and found that most children who first unbuckled were at the age of three and under.

According to the findings, 51 percent of or about 191 families reported that at least one of their children had unbuckled their car seats. Of these, 75 percent were three years old or younger. The youngest was 12 months old.

Interestingly, boys unbuckled more than girls; 59 percent of the kids who unbuckled were boys, said researchers at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in Denver, Colorado.

"We found that children can unbuckle from their child car safety seats by their fourth birthday, and there is an alarming 43 percent who do so when the car is in motion," said lead author Dr. Lilia B. Reyes. "It was reported as early as 12 months."

"This pilot study elucidates a potential safety hazard in child motor vehicle restraint that needs to be addressed," she added.

"Perhaps passive safety locks on the seatbelt can be developed, as a potential option for intervention. Keeping precious cargo safe is our duty," she suggested.

"As a start, parents should be aware of this safety hazard and enforce that children should not unbuckle until it is done by caregiver, or told by guardian that it’s okay,” Reyes recommended.

Source: presstv.ir

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