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Gardens and Recreation Places, Fars 

eram garden, shiraz

Ab Band Recreation Site, Darab

Located in the Ab Band region, on the bank of the river and in the foot hills of the Darab Mount, this promenade annually attracts many people due to its natural beauty and eye-catching landscapes.

Atashkadeh Recreation Site, Fasa

It is located on the outskirts of the Kharman Kooh. There is a spring and a beautiful pond that is used for aquaculture purposes.

Baram Delak Recreation Site, Shiraz

This promenade is located14 km north of Shiraz. The Baram Delak Wetland is four km away from the Abunasr Palace. Its antiquity dates back to the Sassanid period. A mountain overlooks the wetland and the stone carvings that can be found on this mountain date back to the Sassanid period.

Chehel Tan Garden, Shiraz

Located in Shiraz, it was originally used as a graveyard. This garden was developed in the Zand period.

Chelehgah Recreation Site, Sepeedan

Located 10 kilometers from Sepeedan in the Chelehgah Village, this recreational area annually attracts many people for winter sports and mountaineering.

Delgosha Garden, Shiraz

Situated near the Sa’di Tomb in Shiraz, this garden dates back to the pre-Islamic period and the time of the Sassanids. With an area of 7.5 ha, it is a major attraction of Shiraz.

delgosha garden, shiraz

Dimeh Mil Recreation Site, Mamasani

This promenade is located 7 kilometers from the Noor Abad Tower (Fire-Temple) with wonderful orchards, gardens and several springs. The area is full of various flowers with an eye-catching landscape.

Eram Garden, Shiraz

With its beautiful flowers and decorative plants as well as its amazing edifice, it is now also known as the Botanical Garden of Shiraz University, and is in the heart of the city of Shiraz.

Golshan Garden (Afif Abad Garden), Shiraz

Located in Shiraz, it has an area of 127 thousand Sq.m. The two-storey building has been constructed at the request of Mohammed Khan Qavamol-Molk about two hundred years ago. The baths, ceramic work and tea house are well worth seeing. At present this building belongs to the Defense Ministry and a museum of arms has been established in this structure.

Haft Baram Recreation Site, Shiraz

Located 55 km west of Shiraz, more specifically 12 km away from Shiraz - Kazeroon Road, this promenade has beautiful landscapes. In winter it is cold and dry and in summer mild and pleasant.

Jahan Nama Garden, Shiraz

This garden dates back to the Zand period and is located near the main entrance to the city of Shiraz (Darvazeh Qur’an). Within the garden there is an old building worth visiting.

Mian Kotal Recreation Site, Shiraz

At a distance of 18 km from Arjan, situated on the old Shiraz - Kazeroon Road, the northern slopes of this promenade overlooks the habitat of the rare, unique and the globally known Follow Deer. Oak forests used to dominate this region in the past. In the southern sections a beautiful landscape of the Baram Forest can be seen. Higher altitudes surrounding the beautiful Mian Kotal Valley particularly attract those interested in winter sports. In general the valley has a mild climate and in different seasons it is taken advantage of by nature lovers.

Park-e-Jangali Recreation Site, Estahban

This park is located on the outskirts of Todaj Mount, to the south of Estahban. There is a spring that ultimately creates a wonderful waterfall.

Takht Garden, Shiraz

It is located in north Shiraz in the lower slopes of Baba-Koohi Mountain. At the time of Aqa Muhammad Khan Qajar, a new building was built and was consequently called the Qajar’s Takht (Throne). At present this garden belongs to the army.

Tang-e-Tizab Recreation Site, Sepeedan

Located 20 kilometers northwest of Sepeedan in the vicinity of the Beshar River with diverse species of endemic fishes, this promenade has suitable forests with pleasant weather in summer.

Other Gardens and Recreation Places, Fars

There are many other promenades, which are mostly used by local people and especially in summer, people tend to use these cooler places on holidays and weekends as a resort. Each vicinity has its own charm and beauty, with possibilities of fishing and other sports.

jahan nama garden, shiraz

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