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Altitudes and Gorges, Fars


The mountains of the Province of Fars mostly with a southeast-northwest slope are part of the Zagross Mountain Chain.

The highest summit in Fars is 3,943 m. (Sefid Kooh) and it is situated in the northeast of the province. Some other summits, which could be more or less attractive for professional hikers, are the following: Kooh-e-Gar (3,109 m.), Kooh-e-Toudaj (3,150 m.), and Kharman Kooh (3,183 m.).

Allah Akbar Gorge, Shiraz 

Basically this gorge should be called the gateway of the Shiraz plain, because it gives a marvelous bird's eye view of the plains and Shiraz city from this point. It is said that any new comer to Shiraz tends to admire the landscape of the city, seen from this view point, unconsciously expresses his wonder by saying “Allah-o-Akbar” which means "God is the Greatest".

Boraq Gorge, Boraq Village, Sepeedan 

It is located to the north of the Boraq Village in the Kamfirooz region, approximately opposite the Margoon Waterfall. This is a quiet, beautiful, deep valley with Rocky Mountains and a blind end. The upstream waters crossing a plain join together to form a beautiful waterfall. On the left rim of rocky gorge, an interesting cave has been created, from the ceiling of which, water drops like rainfall.

Bostanak (Lost Heaven) Gorge, Sepeedan 

The magnificent Bostanak Gorge is located at an altitude of 1,740 m. above sea level near the North West vicinity of the Kamfirooz plains. This gorge is situated at the watersheds of the Doroodzan. Its proximity to the Doroodzan Dam Lake along with the cold and beautiful regions of the "Ganbil Gorge", "Margoon Waterfall", "Boraq Gorge“, "Shesh Peer Spring" and "Ranj" and "Baram Firooz" Peaks, is considered to be a recreational region for citizens as well as a major tourist of attraction site.

Bovan Gorge, Shiraz 

This gorge is situated at 8 km east of the Shiraz - Ahvaz Road and along the Noor Abad-Doshman Ziari Road. During the year beautiful waterfalls flow from the Rocky Mountains surrounding the valley. With an average temperature of about 20 C, it constitutes as one of the major tourist attractions of the province.

Gar Mountain, Marvdasht 

This mountain is located to the north of the Marvdasht Township with an altitude of 3,109 meters. Its general direction is right in the general direction of the Zagross Mountains, and extends from the northwest to the southeast.

Layzangan Gorge, Darab 

To the east of Darab, there is a forest covered by gardens of roses, which is known as Layzangan. This valley containing sufficient water, verdant gardens along with beautiful natural landscapes is considered to be one of the places worth seeing besides being a recreational region of the Darab Township.

Khani Gorge, Shiraz 

Located 29 kilometers from Shiraz at the vicinity of Darengoon Village and near the Qara Aqaj River, this gorge (valley) annually attracts many people specially those interested in mountaineering.


Kharman Kooh Mountain, Fasa 

Located in the north of Fasa, this summit is the highest point of the region with a height of 3,183 meters.

Palangan Gorge, Nayreez 

At a distance of 21 km far from Nayreez is a verdant area called the Palangan Gorge, which is considered to be one of the most important recreational sites of the region. This gorge is covered by various fig, pomegranate, willow and cypress trees along with several springs.

Sefid Kooh Mountain, Eqleed 

This mountain, right in the general direction of Zagross Mountains, extends from northwest to southeast and has an altitude of 3,943 meters. It is the highest summit of Eqleed.

Todaj Mountain, Darab 

This snow-clad mountain begins from the Karam Gorge and extends both northwest and southeast. The altitude of its highest summit is 3,150 meters, located to the northeast of Darab.

Other Altitudes and Gorges, Fars

Other gorges and summits of the province are: Herayerz Gorge close to a village with the same name, Eaje Gorge close to Eaje Villege, Laay Tarik and Estahban Gorges in Estahban, Zitashtak Gorge in Nayreez; Jazin (Gazin) Gorge in Tashtak Village, Kherqeh Valley in Firooz Abad, and Koohgar Summit in Marvdasht.

Source: chnpress.com

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