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Lakes and Wetlands, Fars


Arjan Lake and Wetland, Shiraz 

Covering about 2000 hectares in area, it is located 60 km south of Shiraz at the vicinity to Shiraz - Bushehr Road.

The recreational Arjan Lake due to its proximity to historical sites such as the Bishapour and Shapour Cave and its accessibility through communication roads between Khuzestan and Bushehr provinces with Shiraz; it is one of the major site attractions for domestic and international tourists. Because of its unique ecological characteristics, UNESCO has registered it as a Biosphere Reserve.

Kaftar Lake (Shadkam Lake), Eqleed 

With an area of about 48 sq. km., it is located at southeast of Eqleed. This lake is considered as a valuable habitat for migratory birds with a beautiful and memorable landscape.

Maharloo Lake, Shiraz 

This lake with an area of 600 sq.km. is located 27 km. southeast of Shiraz. The lake water is used for extraction of normal salt. It is considered a suitable and valuable habitat for migratory birds and wild animals.

Parishan (Famoor) Lake, Kazeroon 

This lake is formed 3 km. away from Ayaz Abad Village and at a distance of 12 km to the southeast of Kazeroon. It is protected by Department of The Environment. The maximum observed water area is 18 sq.km, with an average water depth of 1.6 m. The lake is used for fish cultivation. Because of its ecological value, this lake has been registered as a wetland of International Importance (Ramsar Convention). Especially in spring and autumn the landscape is magnificent with interesting vegetation and wildlife. Many migratory birds use this wetland as their wintering habitat.

Tashak and Bakhtegan Lake, Nayreez 

These lakes are situated northwest of Nayreez. The mountainous areas among them, along with various islands especially in Tasht Lake (Pelicans and Nargess islands), have created a precious natural aggregate. This region is a home and suitable habitat to many resident and migratory birds (e.g. bustard, owls, etc.). This wetland is a potential eco-tourism destination in Fars province.

Source: chnpress.com

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