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How to Create a Home First Aid Kit


While there are a number of first aid kits available for purchase, they often lack some supplies you need or have extras you do not need. Instead of buying the prepackaged version, you can save money and ensure that your kit includes everything you need by creating your own.

Difficulty: Moderate


Select a small box or bag which is light weight, portable and can hold all of your first aid supplies. Your kit should be waterproof as well, particularly if you will travel with it away from home; however, sealing your supplies inside of zipper baggies is usually all you need to do the job.


Make sure that your kit contains important basic medical supplies. The number of each item in your kit will depend on the size of your family; however, when it comes to bandages, gauze and other lightweight items, the more the merrier. Make sure your kit includes antiseptic wash, medical tape, anesthetic spray or lotion, 4-inch sterile gauze pads, various sizes of ace bandages and adhesive bandages, oral antihistamines, gloves, antibiotic ointment, scissors and tweezers.


Keep other must haves in your first aid kit as well. For example, if someone in your family has allergies, the first aid kit is a great place to keep shots or emergency medications prescribed by your doctor. You might also include emergency phone numbers, snake bite kits, ipecac, charcoal tablets or other items in your home first aid kit.


Separate your first aid kit into two sections. One section should include all of your basic medical supplies, such as bandages and ointments, while the second compartment should include medications. Again, make sure that everything is kept in zipper baggies.

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