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Easy Indoor Plant Ideas for Kids


XCarolyn Micheli

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Growing plants is a good experience for children

 c and plants. Focus on short plants image by Supertrooper from Fotolia.com Allowing kids to grow their own plants can be an important lesson; one that fosters an understanding of life cycles and an appreciation of nature. It's also fun and exciting for children to see the first sprouts or fruits of their labor. And even if the weather is not ideal for growing plants outdoors, or you live in an apartment or other home without a place to grow plants outdoors, there are a number of easy indoor plants kids can grow that will also enhance your indoor space.


Tomato Plants

Tomatoes often must be started indoors and will not grow outside in certain climates. They also grow best at the same temperatures most people keep their homes--65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit--making them a good choice for growing indoors. Tomatoes are fairly low-maintenance, but they do require plenty of light and water, so a grow-light is recommended during winter months.


Spider Plants

Spider plants are easy to care for and will produce many dangling babies that can be cut off and potted on their own. Put into hand-painted pots, these make excellent gifts for friends, family members and neighbors. Their bright green color also makes them a cheerful addition to kids' rooms.


Sensitive Plants

Known for their tendency to curl up their feathery leaves and droop when touched, sensitive plants are easy to start from seed and require little care beyond regular watering. They grow best in bright light, so window boxes are a good option for this plant.



Beans are another plant easy to grow indoors, although you can usually grow only two to three seeds in one pot. Children will enjoy watching the sprouts pop up out of the soil--and may also enjoy watching certain varieties like lima beans sprout by being wrapped in wet paper towels and placed in see-through freezer bags.



Cactus plants are also a very popular choice for kids' indoor plant projects, although more prickly varieties may not be suitable for younger children. Popular indoor varieties include Christmas cactus and prickly pear cactus. Desert cacti are also popular but can grow very large, so consider space limitations before choosing this variety.

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