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  • 3/12/2012

MSF says 1000 women die during childbirth every day

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An international aid group has warned that every day about one thousand women die of preventable childbirth complications around the world.

At least 15 percent of all pregnancies around the world experience a life-threatening complication, says a report released by Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders).

The report entitled “Maternal mortality: a preventable crisis”‌ focuses on the circumstances for pregnant women in 12 of the countries where the international medical humanitarian organization works, including low income nations or those affected by natural disasters such as Somalia, South Sudan, Pakistan and Haiti.

The medical and health aid group highlighted that most of the women and their babies lose their lives during delivery because of complications many of which can be avoided by presence of skilled birth attendants and basic medications.

“Women need access to quality emergency obstetric care whether they live in Sydney, Port-au-Prince, or Mogadishu,”‌ said women's health advisor for MSF Kara Blackburn.

“The reality is the same for women in a modern hospital in a major city, or for those living in a conflict zone, a refugee camp, or under plastic sheeting following a devastating earthquake."

MSA says implementing programs regarding obstetric complications, training specialized personnel and access to appropriate medical equipment can save the lives of hundreds of thousands of women and their children every year.

Source: presstv.com

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