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The Day of Distinction, the Promised Day by God

the holy qur’an

Distinction means separation, and the “the Day of distinction” is the Resurrection Day, on which right and wrong, and the wrong-doers and the righteous people are separated from each other.

On this day, people shall come out in groups. The Earth and the sky will also lose their ordinary forms. The doors of heavens will open and the mountains move and collapse and finally turn to a mirage. And this is the day on which the kind God has promised to verify the accounts of all people. We read in Qur’an:

But verily, the Day of Distinction is the Promised Day to be met. The Day on which the trumpet will be blown. Then you come in groups; and the heavens gates will open and the mountains are set in motion and become as a mirage. (Verses 17-20)

Source: The Book name Acquaintance with The Glorious Qur’an

By Farzneh zanbaqi

Translated by G.H. Arabi

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