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Seyyed Jamal al-Din Asad Abadi (Part 1)

seyyed jamal al-din asad abadi

After hundreds of years of stagnation and neglect, the West through the occurrences of the Renaissance and ascent to the industrial revolution rose to the establishment of modern civilization. In retaliation to its past frustrations and the widely hidden complexes against the Muslims and in particular because of the West’s needs for raw materials to supply their consumer market it set out to dominate the Islamic civilization through a new movement in the modern era.

Its greed and rapacity was ever increasing while on the other hand decline in the Islamic world owing to detachment from the Holy Qur’an’s teaching, misunderstanding of the teachings of the religion of Islam, infiltration of the superstitions and illusory thoughts, despotic governments, colonial aggressions and interferences, loss of national and religious identities and self-segregation from the modern European civilization and perhaps much more dangerous of all, issues causing chasm and discord among the Muslim Ummah led to deliberations by Muslim reformists to identity a new approach to cure the pains of the Ummah of Muhammad (PBUH).

The instigator of the proposal for the creation of pan-Islamism in the modern era, after traveling to the great Islamic countries and close observation of the desperate situation faced by Muslims, initiated a reform program. However every step toward his reform program in Muslim societies encountered obstructions and interference by foreigners. Hence the struggle against European colonialism became his main goal and unification of all Muslim elements became a necessity and Islamic unity became the main focus of his duties within the Egyptian party of Hezb Al Vatani.

Before the introduction of Islamic convergence as a political requirement for preserving the pillars of Islam, Seyyed Jamal Aldin Asad Abadi made efforts to introduce the principle as a religious duty and one of the important teachings of the Holy Qur’an.

He addressed the audience in one of the sessions of the Hezb Al vatani party saying: “may the greatest glorification of God be with you, the Almighty and the strongest proof of his eternal presence, the holy Qur’an as it is the luminous light of God Almighty; a light by which man rose from darkness of temptations, it is certainly the light of salvation.”

“Whenever God Almighty decides to punish a tribe for their action they will dwindle and their struggles will increase.” This saying of the holy prophet (PBUH) also explains that there are three things that the heart of all Muslims do not abuse: the purification of action for God almighty, advice and well wishing for Muslims leaders in their relations with their communities; the blood of Muslims are equal to one another without considerations for race and class… and it is destiny that the eldest takes care of the youngest. Muslims fight against the enemies of the religion of Islam with complete unanimity.

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