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How to Make Affordable Greeting Cards


By Robin Winters

Greeting cards are available for every special occasion. With a little creativity, you can forgo the store-bought greeting cards and make your own affordable greeting cards any time of year. Nature, magazines and other everyday items can inspire graphic or design concepts for the front or inside of the greeting card. Many online sites or software programs have templates to create free, printable greeting cards or graphics. Creating your own greeting cards not only saves money, but gives the cards a personal touch.



Fold and cut a piece of card stock to create the greeting card desired size. Make sure the card will fit inside of the envelope.



Create a design for the front of the greeting card. Sketch your design on scratch paper before making a final design.



Cut any preprinted graphic to fit greeting card and adhere to your greeting card with glue.



Draw additional graphics with selected mediums directly on the card. Or, draw graphics on a piece of white printer paper, cut out and glue onto greeting card.



Write a personal greeting on the inside of the card and add your signature with selected medium.



Put the greeting card into an envelope. Incorporate the design from the front of your greeting card into a smaller version on the back of the envelope.


Tips & Warnings

Use rubber stamps, ink, decorative punches and card making embellishments such as glitter or beads for additional unique touches to the card.Premade blank cards can be purchased.

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