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Financial Benefits of Going Green


By Frank Girard


A popular and growing trend today is going green, which means doing things that preserve the environment and buying things that are more friendly to the environment such as recyclable products. Besides helping the environment there are direct financial benefits from going green.


Transportation Savings

Having a more fuel-efficient cars reduces an individual's expenditure on fuel. According to a University of Georgia presentation referencing the book "Go Green, Live Rich," annual savings is estimated at $884. Having less pollution from these cars is a cost savings as well.


Home Energy Savings

A few simple changes in the use of home energy can reduce homeowner energy costs while requiring less electric generator capacity and resulting pollution. These changes include arranging for a home energy audit, sealing leaks, and changing the thermostat setting by several degrees, according to Ecomall.


Shopping Savings

When it comes to shopping, several going-green strategies can be employed to save money while helping the environment. For example, one can use recyclable shopping bags and buy material in bulk, reducing transportation and packaging costs according to the Green Living Guide.


Reducing Paper Consumption

By reducing the consumption of paper, a person can reduce the number of trees that must be harvested to create that paper. One example of reducing paper use is to inform direct-mail catalog companies that you want to be removed from their mailing lists. Another strategy is to inform those who mail paper bills that you will make payments online instead. In addition, boycott the use of paper towels and use cleaning rags and dish towels as recommended by 5 Minutes for Going Green.


Growing Food at Home

A growing and popular trend today is to grow some of your own food. Growing your own produce saves money compared to buying produce from the supermarket. In addition, transportation costs associated with having produce delivered to the local store is eliminated.


Green Credits

Money can be saved from government organizations that want to reward consumers for being environmentally aware. For example, those who buy hybrid automobiles automatically receive a financial rebate from the U.S. government. Some states and municipalities also provide tax incentives for buying hybrid

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