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  • 3/11/2012

The New Year

(House cleaning; Heart cleaning!)


A poem by Samaneh Nazerian  


The old is going, let him go,

The new, ringing out across the snow!

Look at the sky,

Spring draws nigh!

It’s playing lyre,

For us seeking our household fire!

Warmth is knocking at the door,

Winter is shaken to the core!

Heart of nature is quickening,

Pairs of birds are on the wing!

Let’s ring in the new,

And turn to the True!

Give up hostility, brutality,

Observe highest human dignity!

When we are dressing the part,

Off the False, clean our heart!

Keep our heart off sorrow,

Keep in mind life is wow! 

Let heart get cleaned up,

Just right to the top,

Fill it in the New Year,

With divine love, my dear!

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