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Law and Order

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Preservation of order is an incumbent divine obligation.

o The entire community needs order; the community disintegrates without


o The rule of Islam is the rule of the law.

o You must all feel bound to accept the law even if it contradicts your own


o In an Islamic country only God's law must be sovereign; nothing else.

o The value and dignity of men lies in their pursuit of the law, which is the

      same thing as piety.

o A violator of laws is an offender and is to be prosecuted.

o Laws serve to institute just social orders and to nurture purified human


o If all the individuals, groups and institutions that are there in the country,

     if we all be humble before the law and respect it. there would be no


o Let us all seek God's pleasure and be humble before the law. ins

o If you wish not to be eliminated from the scene, accept Ihe law.

o There is one sovereign rule in Islam and that is the rule of God; one law,

     and that is God's law, which all are bound to obey.

o One thing rules in Islam and that is the law. During the time of the

      Prophet, too, the law ruled and the Prophet enforced it.

o That system in which the inferior do not obey the superior and Ihe upper

      layer oppresses the lower layer is not a monotheistic order; it is satanic

      and not a divine order.

o Islamic laws are progressive and pioneering.

o The government of Islam is the government of the law. i.e.. divine law.

     The law is the Qur'an and the Sunnuh, and the government is a

     government, which is subservient to the law.

o Do criticize but do not plot. I am opposed to plotting; all are opposed lo

      plotting. We are opposed to weakening the Islamic Republic; it is the same

      as weakening Islam.

o Uprising against the rule of Islam is tantamount to kufr. it is the gravest


o If you see someone violates the principles, oppose him decisively. o Disputes arise from violation of the laws.

o In Islam the law rules; the Noble Prophet was subject to the law. to the

     divine law; he could not violate it.

o Today anti-revolutionary is the person who is lax in the work he does.

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