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Parties and Factionalism

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o   Defending Islam and the Hizbullah [Party of Allah] is an unimpeachable

principle of the policy of the Islamic Republic.

o   Today, all the Iranians, regardless of sex or age, who fight under Islamic

slogans, belong to the Hizbullah.

o   Any Muslim who has accepted the principles and decrees of Islam and in

whose conduct and behavior an exact ShT'ah discipline is observable, is a member of the Hizbullah. The Qur'an and Islam have set forth the mandate and all the decrees concerning this party. This party is something other than the ordinary parties.

o   This Revolution was not the work of a party or group. It emerged from the

core of the people.

o   It is not right to say that such and such a party is good or bad; the criterion

is the ideals of the party.

o   All parties and gatherings of the people are free provided they do not

threaten public interests. Islam has stipulated such matters and their limits.

o   The parties that have been formed in the country so far since, say, the

Constitutionalism, one can surmise, were set up, unwillingly, by the hands of others and some of them were at the service of others (aliens).

o The parties that came to be from the day of Constitutionalism to the recent

     years were not formed by the desire of some groups to unite; those were

     all satanic plots.

o It is necessary that you firmly and intelligently drive away from

     yourselves individuals or groups who belong to un-Islamic schools but

     their opportunism make them take advantage of conditions, enter among

you and at proper moment stab you at the back; give them no chance to act.


o From the beginning of the creation to the present there have always been

      two parties, one divine, the other non-divine and satanic, and each has had

      separate works.

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