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Preservation of the System and Perpetuation of the Movement

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini

o The preservation of this Islamic Republic is one of the greatest religious


o The preservation of the system is a rational and incumbent religious


o The great Islamic nation is determined to continue its Islamic movement

      and permit no foreigners to interfere in its country.

o It is now a rationally and religiously incumbent duty for all of us to pursue

      this movement that Iran has started and proceed with it to the end.

o I advise the Iranian nation to cherish and appreciate the blessing that you

     have gained by your great jihad and the blood of your youth, and protect it

     as your most valuable object.

"Blissful" [sa'adatmand] in the original.

o   Let the noble nation of Iran know that in this world the amount of effort,

pain, sacrifice, and deprivation of a man is proportionate to the greatness of his purpose, value and station.

o   When the purpose is divine, the way to it, no matter how hard, shall be

easy to traverse.

o   If we do not help God1 we should not expect His aid.

o   Know that whatever the mass media of the world of evil say against you is

the proof of your strength.

o   Fear nothing as long as this movement survives; let no fear enter your


o   Problems accompany every revolution; this is unavoidable, but they are

not insoluble.

o   We must firmly protect the holy religion of dear Islam and the Islamic

Republic, and do away with problems with open arms and revolutionary spirit.

o   God knows, if this movement fails, Iran will never again see a good day.

o The defeat of Iran means the defeat of the Orient; it is the defeat of the


o If this movement subsides, if this fire that is kindled in the hearts of people

     dies out, another movement like it will never come out.

o If due to some ignorant thinking this grand movement is harmed, you'll be

     responsible before God and your repentance will hardly be accepted

     because the prestige of Islam will be damaged.

o Let all be mindful of the blood unjustly spilled; think of our dear

     incapacitated ones, of war refugees and about the advancement of Islam.

     Do not think, "I should, you should not;" "I am, you are not"!

Helping God means helping in the propagation of the religion or way of life He ordained for

the welfare of mankind. [Ed.]

o   It is such a day today that if we suffer defeat in this movement, it will

      mean defeat to the end.

o With all its might the nation must resist against the plots.

o If you think that you have triumphed and should now pursue your business

      and be heedless of your destinies, I am afraid you shall meet defeat.

o Today, too, you should not ignore the machinations of the sorcerers and

     evil temptations.

o Be strong and flourishing, and never let the rigmarole of the world betake


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