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The Great Nation

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini

o The dear Iranian people are today truly the bright countenance of the great


o We are all honored to be in the presence of such a nation in an era such as


o I firmly claim that the Iranian nation in the present age is better than the

     nation of Hijaz1 during the time of the Messenger of Allah (,y) and much

     better than the people of Kufah and Iraq during the times of the

Commander of the Faithful and Husayn ibn 'AIT ('a).

o No matter how much we sincerely offer in the path of this dear nation, it

     won't be an adequate token of our gratitude.

o Our common people have implemented Islam and carry the burden of the

      troubles of the government; thus, we should be very attentive to them.

o By its brave uprising and sacrificing the blood of its children, our dear

     nation had its honorable name recorded in history and in the first line of

     the roster of the mujahids of Islam.

o Iran's great name is recorded in the world as one having political maturity.

o From the Mosque of Kufah to the honored plains of Karbala'. in the

     course of the distinguished "red" history of Shi'ism. the great Islamic

     nation has offered valuable sacrifices to the dear Islam and in the path of God and the martyrdom-seeking Iran, too, was no exception to this blissendowing1 phenomenon.

o Our nation has triumphed over the world's greatest power; severed the

     hands of that power from its country; indeed, it has severed the hands of

     the enemies of humanity from its country and has thus become a model

and example for the countries of all the oppressed people.

o God has obliged us and, by His able hand, which is the might of the

     oppressed, destroyed the regime of arrogance and made our nation the

     Imam or leader of the oppressed nations.

o In truth and in fact, from the early days of the Revolution to this date the

      institution that has performed its function correctly is the nation.

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