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  • 2/12/2012

The People's Presence in the Scene

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)

o A country suffers injuries when the nation is indifferent.

o The nation must always be present in the political issues.

o People must not step aside; if they do, we will all suffer defeat.

o 1 certainly hope that our nation does not and will not submit to ignominy.

o It is the presence of the faithful and dedicated people that subjects forever

     to disgrace the Westernized or Easternized intellectuals.

o It is the presence of you, dear people and Muslims, on the scene that

     neutralizes the plots of the history's deceivers and oppressors.

o It is necessary that we consistently think of keeping the people on the


o The government cannot do a thing if the nation sits aside for it to perform

      such a thing.

o The Muslim nation is awakened. It no longer sits by. It won't retreat even

      if I do.


o Today, the entire nation””whether respected ladies or brothers””all take

     part in their own destiny.


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