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Grand was she

And native of today

She was related to all the open vistas

And how well she understood the tone of water and earth

Her voice

Sounded like the scattered melancholy of reality and her eyelids

Pointed out to us

The direction of the pulse of elements

And her hands

Leafed through

The clear air of benevolence

And caused kindness

To migrate towards us

She resembled her own solitary self

And she interpreted for her mirror

The most affectionate curve of her time

And like rain she was full of freshness of repetition

And like the style of trees

She spread out into healthiness of light

She always called to the wind’s infancy

And she always tied the conversation

To the hasp in water

One night

She performed for us

Love’ green prostration so candidly

That we rubbed the sympathy of earth’s surface

And became refreshed like the accent of a pail of water

And often we saw

With how a large basket

She would set forth to pick grapes of tidings

But alas

She wouldn’t sit in front of the ablution of pigeons

And she went to the bring of naught

And lay down beyond the patience of lights

And she didn’t think at all

How lonely we were

To eat apples

Amid disturbed enunciation of doors



بزرگ بود

و از اهالي امروز بود

و با تمام افق هاي باز نسبت داشت

و لحن آب و زمين را چه خوب مي فهميد


به شكل حزن پريشان واقعيت بود

و پلك هاش

مسير نبض عناصر را

به ما نشان داد

و دست هاش

هواي صاف سخاوت را

ورق زد

و مهرباني را

به سمت ما كوچاند

به شكل خلوت خود بود

و عاشقانه ترين انحناي وقت خودش را

براي آينه تفسير كرد.

و او به شيوه باران پر از طراوت تكرار بود

و او به سبك درخت

ميان عافيت نور منتشر مي شد

هميشه كودكي باد را صدا مي كرد

هميشه رشته صحبت را

به چفت آب گره مي زد

براي ما، يك شب

سجود سبز محبت را

چنان صريح ادا كرد

كه ما به عاطفه سطح خاك دست كشيديم

و مثل لهجه يك سطل آب تازه شديم

و ابرها ديديم

كه با چقدر سبد

براي چيدن يك خوشه بشارت رفت.

ولي نشد

كه روبروي وضوح كبوتران بنشيند

و رفت تا لب هيچ

و پشت حوصله نورها دراز كشيد

و هيچ فكر نكرد

كه ما ميان پريشاني تلفظ درها

براي خوردن يك سيب

چقدر تنها مانديم

By Sohrab sepehri

source: sohrab.ir

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