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The People's Position and Role

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini )

o It was the nation that advanced the movement and must further advance it

      from now on.

o Whatever we have is from this nation””of course, the Islamic nation that

     did it with its roaring cries of "Allahu akbar'l

o Now is the time for the nations to be the guiding light of their intellectuals

     and save them from self-defeatism and abjection before the East or the

     West as today is the day of the movement of the nations and they are the

guides for "those who have been guides to this day".

o Be sure you are victorious and no power can stand up against you because

     the power is that of the nation.

o When a nation wants something done, it will be done.

o If a nation wants something, none can oppose it.

o No power can stand up against the eternal might of a nation.

o We must know that if the nations want a thing, it will be realized. o The destiny of each nation is in its own hands.

o Every nation must determine its own destiny itself.

o By the wills of nations””wills that follow God's will, wills that are for

     God””the impossible becomes possible and probabilities become


o We rely on the strength of the nation.

o Attracting the people's views is necessary. The Noble Prophet pursued

     this; he was dra\.;.ig 'he attention of the people to the truth.

o The nation iUelf is the origin and source of redemption and salvation.

o Awareness of the people, public participation in, and supervision of, their

     own government and cooperation with the elected government are things

     that guarantee the preservation of security in the community.

o History bears witness that no power can put out the fire in the heart of an

     oppressed nation that has risen up in search of freedom and independence.

o No weapon can be effective against faith and no weapon can oppose the

     uprising of a nation.

o A great power that has no national base cannot endure long. o A government which is backed by the nation does not fall.

o If the nation does not support a "government," such a government cannot

     be set right.

o Our woes, in the course of history, have all been due to the abuse of

     people's ignorance.

o No one can rely on bayonet anymore. The world has changed. The nations

      are waking up, one after the other.

o The powers, regardless of their size, cannot do much when facing the


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