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Guardianship of the Jurist [Wilayalt al-Faqlh]

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini

o The Guardianship of the  [Wilayah al-Faqlh] is a gift from God, the

Blessed and Exalted, tc the Muslims.

o The best article in the Constitution is the article that stipulates the

     principle of Guardianship of the Jurist.

o Today the itqahd [jurists] of Islam are proofs on the people.

o The Master of the Affair (Imam al-Mahdl) is the Proof of God. o The nation that has no "guide" cannot accomplish much.

o I assure the nation and all military forces that if the Islamic rule is

     implemented under the supervision of the faqih (jurist] or by the

guardianship of ibefaqth. no harm will come to the country.

o Leader and leadership in the heavenly religions and the great Islam is not a

     thing that has value in itself and draws man, God forbid, to vanity and


o If a. faqih acts dictatorially on just one occasion, he loses his guardianship


o If the faqih takes one wrong step, or commits a minor sin, he falls from

     wilayah [guardianship]. Wilayah is not something to be conferred on just

     any man.

o The faqih does not impose his views on the people; if he tries so he

     forfeits his wilayah,

o It is the guardianship of the faqih that curbs dictatorship. Dictatorship

     develops in the absence of the guardianship of thefaqih.

o The wilayah specified in the hadith on GhadTr means political rule and not just a spiritual position.


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