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Islamic Government

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini )


o To secure the unity of the Islamic ummah and to rescue and free the

     Islamic homeland from the occupation and influence of the imperialists

     and their puppet regimes, we have no alternative but to form a


o   The rule of Islam is the rule of divine law over the people.

o   God's promise on the rule of the barefooted of the world is the truth.

o   The Islamic Republican system of Iran has found its path with honor and

power, and advances with firmness.

o The Islamic Republic of Iran must not. under any circumstances, abandon

      its divine and sacred principles and ideals.

o   If the Islamic Republic fails, an Islamic establishment acceptable to the

Last Proof of Allah (Imam al-MahdT)””may my soul be his ransom””or concordant with the affair of you. gentlemen, shall not be realized; rather, a regime acceptable to one of the two poles of power will replace it and the deprived people of the world who have turned to Islam and the Islamic government will face despair and Islam will forever become isolated.

o   If the dear Islam and the ledgling Islamic Republic are hurt and drawn

into depravation and defeat. God forbid, Islam will for centuries be relegated to oblivion.

o The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the world's oppressed


o You must know that if, God forbid, this Islamic Republic face defeat, it is

      the defeat of all Muslims in all ages.

o Your country is one of the most powerful countries in the world. We must

      try to maintain this power.

o Islam presents the most progressive government. Islamic rule is by no

      means opposed to civilization.

o Islamic government is not retrogressive and is in accord with all features

     of civilization except those that mar the nation's peace or are against the

     public modesty.

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