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Simple Tips to Get Rid of Nose Blackheads

nose blackheads

When it comes to vanity and looking good, nothing gets as much press as the face. After all, everyone looks at it when they meet you. Unfortunately, this goes both ways; they will also see all the imperfections and blemishes that your facial skin will always get as it gets exposed to many elements. Chief among these are acne and blackheads. While the former is more serious than the latter, blackheads are still a source of stress and worry for those who want perfect skin. Those with fair or white complexion, in particular, are in for a tough time since blackheads will really pop out, being the insidious black gremlins that they are. Blackheads can be found in almost all exposed parts of the face, but they seem to be more prominent on the nose area.

Medically, blackheads are known as open comedones, and they are a type of acne vulgaris. They differ from the often-confused whiteheads by the fact that blackheads are present on oily skin while whiteheads can be found on both oily and dry skin.

Blackheads are the result of the accumulation of excess oils in the sebaceous glands' ducts, clogging the pores, resulting in the familiar bump. The contents of this bump mostly consist of keratin and sebum. The clogging allows bacteria to completely take over the pore, making up a blackhead.

There are many reasons why a pore gets clogged, resulting in the formation of blackheads. Among them are the following:

• Hormones that are the leading cause of oil production. The male hormone androgen, in particular, increases the production of oil in your skin. An increase in this hormone will also lead to the formation of blackheads.

• Skin care products and make-up also contribute to the clogging up of your skin pores. It is important that you wash your face thoroughly at the end of the day in order to remove these applications and, likewise, remove the dead cells that accumulate on your skin daily.

• Stress also increases the production of oil on the skin, which would explain why you get pimples more when you’re stressed and do not get enough sleep.

Getting rid of your nose blackheads

Blackheads can be easier to work with when they are softened by a warm shower or by warm compresses placed directly on the affected area.

 You may be able to remove the offending material with “pore strips” or some other product that is designed to remove blackheads.

Personal hygiene and a bit of extra skin care can also help you remove and prevent blackheads. Look carefully at the different acne medications that have peroxide that will help with nose blackhead removal. This ingredient dries the blackhead material out so that it is easier to remove. You can also get rid of nose blackheads by reducing skin oils. Diet changes may be necessary. In addition, you can start a regular program of skin exfoliation to improve overall facial appearance and condition. Remember, when removing nose blackheads (or any other acne condition) don’t squeeze and pop! Do it the correct way.

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