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Isfahan to host intl. conference on Safavids and Islamic civilization


The historical city of Isfahan will be hosting an international conference on the Safavids, Isfahan and Islamic civilization in November.

The Safavid dynasty (1502-1736) is the Iranian dynasty whose establishment of Shia as the state religion of Iran was a major factor in the emergence of a unified national consciousness among the various ethnic and linguistic elements of the country.

“The dynasty enjoys a high position among different Iranian eras,” an official from Isfahan Governor General Office Fazlollah Kafil told the Persian service of MNA on Sunday.

The Safavids were descended from Sheikh Safi ad-Din Ardebili (1253-1334) of Ardabil, the head of the Sufi order of Safavids, but about 1399 exchanged their Sunni affiliation for Shiism.

“The ratification of the Shia religion by the Safavid dynasty helped to form the Islamic identity acting as the religious highlight of the country,” he said.

Kafil also added that Shia ulema, along with the scholars, also assisted in formation of the historical identity of the country and institutionalizing the Shia religion in Iran.

He emphasized that Iran experienced a more serious situation afterwards, and said, “This identity is rooted in following the divine words and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (S) and his household.”

The conference will be run under the supervision of secretary Asghar Montazerolqaem and is comprised of six categories.

Recognizing the role of Safavids in formation of Iranian and Islamic national identity, reviewing the position of Islam and Shia in increasing solidarity, and studying elements of Iranian and Islamic national identity in the Safavid era are the first three parts of the conference.

The other categories include recognizing the role of the Safavids in renovation of Islamic civilization, studying the position of Iranian civilization, as well as studying applications of Islamic civilization in the Safavid era.

Cosponsored by Isfahan Governor General’s Office, Isfahan Seminary and Azad University, the conference will run from November 15 to 17.

Photo: The photo shows a Persian tile work of an arch of the Imam Mosque, one of the monuments located at Isfahan’s Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a complex of Safavid era monuments registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Source: tehrantimes.com

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