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Independence and Negation of Attachment

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini )


o We  must be  ready  to  fight  all  things  if we  want  to  maintain  our


o The essential thing is that we believe that we ourselves can do a given


o The country is our own and we ourselves must develop it.

o The greatest tragedy for our nation is this mental dependence or

      attachment, the thinking that all things are from the West and we are poor

      in every dimension.

o A country that wants to stand on its own feet and be independent in all

      dimensions has no choice other than to erase from its mind the idea that

      we must import things from abroad.

o We wish to live poorly but be free and independent.

o We must prove to ourselves that we. too, are human; that we. too, exist in

      this world; that the Orient, too. is a place and all is not West.

o We regard freedom and independence as the value of life.

o My greatest wish is that the people of Iran will be delivered from

      oppression and in possession of a country that is free, independent with an

      Islamic system in which human rights are observed as Islam has decreed,

and be a model of progress, advancement and happiness to all nations.

o My brothers! If you want to be honored in this and the next world and to

      live respectfully, you ought to stand up against others with force but be

      very kind and considerate to yourselves.

o Prepare yourselves to rebuild your country. It is worthwhile that we work

     hard 10 to 15 years so that our country be freed from the clutches of these

     human-devouring wolves.

o My dear children, it is now up to you to do all you can to irrigate the

      freedom and independence sapling of your country.

o If we resist, we shall be aided by the divine graces.

o The all-inclusive independence of our country's legislative, judicial and

     executive powers must precede all other issues in our national-

     governmental planning.


o Whoever you are, wherever you are. your every effort must be made to

     ensure our independence.

o   Make an all-out effort to uproot the last traces of this country's

dependence on foreigners in any area.

o   This intellectual, rational and mental attachment and dependence is the

root of most of the miseries of the nations including our own.

o   If we emerge from this intellectual attachment, all of our dependencies

will come to an end.

o   You, noble people of Iran, achieved a great victory in your struggle

against colonialism and exploitation. You succeeded, by trust in God. the unity of expression, and participation of all strata, to overwhelm the tyrant of the age and to shake the backs of the superpowers.

o   Blessed shall be the day when the hand of foreigners is cut off our

countries and the Muslim lands, and when Muslims stand on their own


o   We want a free, independent and strong Iran; an Iran to be run by the

nation itself.

o   As long as our two hands are extended to the East and the West, we are

dependants. We who want to be independent should first wake up and realize that we. too. have personalities and we can perform work.

o Do not think that we have to get from others all we need; no. think of

     making all things yourselves.

o The Muslims' holidays are blessed and auspicious when Muslims

     themselves secure their independence and dignity, the dignity that all

     Muslims enjoyed in the early days of Islam.

o As long as we do not admit that we are persons with abilities to do certain

     things and Muslims have personalities, and as long as we do not want a


certain thing, we cannot do it and as long as we do not wake up to something, we do not want it.

o Colonialism and exploitation must be completely uprooted from this


o   We do not permit anyone to interfere in our country's affairs.

o   After so much superficial backwardness, our need for the heavy industries

of foreign countries is an undeniable fact. But this does not mean that we should be attached to one of the two poles in advanced sciences.

o   The East or West makes no difference to us; we shall achieve real

independence by our trust in God and the brave nation.

o   The Iranian nation wants to stand on its own feet without having to rely on

the East or on the West; rather, stand firm on its religious and national resources.

o   The Iranian nation is determined to rescue itself from the clutches of

colonialism and tyranny, and be independent and free. It bases its policies on these two points and does not mind who like or who dislike such policies.

o   We oppose foreign interference in the destinies of nations and fight

against it.

o   Your search for freedom and independence is recorded in the frontlines of


o   My counsel to the present and future foreign ministers is that your

responsibilities are enormous: whether in reforming the Ministry and embassies or in the area of foreign policy, preservation of independence, protection of the country's interests, or in having good relations with countries that do not seek to interfere in the affairs of our country. Therefore, try to decisively avoid any and all things that are tinged with dependence in all its dimensions and forms.

o If we want to advance Islam further, we must no longer be servants.

o Which people are reactionary””those who want to take away the

     independence and freedom of our nation and country, or those who want

     to shake off the burden of oppression and be independent?

o We hope that universal peace will be established on the basis of the

      independence of nations, non-interference in each other's affairs, and

      observation of the pinciple of territorial integrity of the countries in the


o We stand on our own feet and are surely victorious.

o If you wish to find real independence and freedom you must act so as to

      be self-sufficient in all things.

o Mental independence is the first condition for independence; intellectual

     independence is the first condition for independence.

o The nations themselves should show concern for Islam.

o If the people believe that they can oppose big powers, such belief will

     enable them to withstand those powers.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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